How To File A Class-Action Lawsuit In Atlanta

A class-action lawsuit in Atlanta is a type of lawsuit that involves more than one person filing a particular kind of lawsuit. An individual can file a car accident lawsuit, personal injury lawsuit, and so on.

However, when a group of people or ‘class’ experiences a similar problem from a particular entity like a pharmaceutical company or a manufacturer, this group of people can come together to file a single lawsuit known as a class-action lawsuit. There are two ways to file a class-action lawsuit in Atlanta.

  • An individual can choose to join an ongoing class-action lawsuit (provided your case falls as defined under the ‘class’)
  • An individual can start or file a new class-action lawsuit (when there is no class action lawsuit exists similar to your issue)

How To Join An Ongoing Class-Action Lawsuit In Atlanta?

Joining an ongoing class-action lawsuit doesn’t require you to hire a lawyer. You can join an existing class-action lawsuit and still be eligible for receiving compensation.

You can find class action lawsuits for a defective medical device, defective transmission in a car, side effects of medicine, and so on.

Here is how you can join a class-action lawsuit:


Google your issue to see if a group of people is experiencing a similar problem.

Talk To An Attorney

Once you get a hint from researching it online, you can talk to a class0action attorney to get more concrete information. An attorney will help determine if there is an existing class-action lawsuit similar to your case in Atlanta. If yes, an attorney can help you in being a part of it.

Provide The Documentation

Next, you will have to collect all necessary evidence and documents that support your issue. For instance, a receipt of a product or doctor’s prescription suggesting a medicine.

Keep An Eye On The Latest Developments

Once you are part of a class-action lawsuit, you don’t necessarily have to ‘join’ the lawsuit or make efforts in proving your case. But it would help if you keep an eye on the latest developments.

If Your Lawsuit Wins

If your class-action lawsuit wins and gets money, you have two options. Either collect the compensation share or opt-out (if you are not satisfied with the amount of compensation).

If you collect your share, you lose the right to file an individual lawsuit.

How To Start/File Your Own Class Action Lawsuit?

If the issue is profound, there are fewer chances that are there is no ongoing class-action lawsuit already. So, before going ahead with filing a class-action lawsuit, do proper research or consult an experienced attorney who can enlighten you.

Even so, if you are the first one to come forward against a complaint, here is how you can start one:

Checking The Feasibility Of The Issue

First, your attorney will evaluate your case thoroughly to make sure it can be turned into a class-action lawsuit.

Choose A Court

Your attorney will then have to find a suitable jurisdiction to file the case. The court will be selected based on where the company is headquartered and where potentially affected customers related to the case lives.

Initial Hearings

Once the case has been filed in one of the courts, a series of hearings will be carried out by the judge. Under these hearings, the judge will work upon identifying if the case deserves a class action lawsuit or not.

Class Certification

If the judge approves the case, he will issue a class certification to go forward with the case. Now, your lawyer and the lawyers of other representatives will forward to reach a decision. This usually ends up in negotiating the settlement amount with the company.


On the other hand, if the judge rejects the class action lawsuit, your lawyer has an option to present the case in any other jurisdiction depending on the reasons why it was denied.

Contact Our Atlanta Class Action Lawyers

As you can see, when filing a class action lawsuit on your own, it is essential to hire an experienced class-action lawsuit attorney. An experienced attorney is aware of all the prevalent class-action lawsuits and can help you take the right course of action to help you reach a fair settlement amount. They can also help you present your case solidly and provide you with a foolproof action plan.

If you or someone you know wants to file a class-action lawsuit in Atlanta but unsure how to get started, contact us today. Our experienced attorneys will help you out and provide assistance.