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Truvada is one of the most common antiretroviral drugs used now. Users knew about the negative side effects of this medication, but the mistake the company made was hiding information about an advancement that would have gotten rid of these side effects. If you or a loved one has been harmed because of this medication, then you may be eligible to start with the procedure for a Phoenix Truvada lawsuit. Compensation may be given in any state after litigation.

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What’s Truvada?

Truvada is a drug created by Gilead Sciences. It is used as a PrEP drug for preventing HIV/AIDS in people at risk of exposure. It is also used along with other medications to treat HIV.

Is Truvada Linked to Any Health Problems?

There are lawsuits across the country seeking compensation for the harm caused by the medication. Whether the side effects are kidney failure or bone disease, attorneys view a lawsuit as the ideal method of motivating Gilead Sciences to provide compensation to victims who have endured health problems because of their product.

Many studies have shown that taking antiretroviral drugs comes with a risk of numerous unwanted effects, e.g. kidney disease, osteoporosis, and brittle bones.

Kidney Problems

The kidneys are one of the main organs in the body, and it’s responsible for breaking down the different antiretroviral medication blends; that implies HIV patients are dependent on it. Although it isn’t uncommon for those who have HIV to have kidney problems, Truvada makes it worse by increasing the risk of chronic kidney disease and renal failure.

After finishing the treatment, the indications of kidney disease were around for about a year after stopping the drug.

Some kidney injuries which have been connected to Truvada include:

  • Fanconi syndrome
  • Acute kidney injury
  • Chronic kidney disease
  • Declining kidney function
  • Partial or total kidney failure
  • Acute renal failure

Bone Density Problems

Gilead, which many believe has a monopoly in regards to HIV medication, has had many lawsuits filed against them by patients who started developing TDF-related bone reduction as a result of a decrease in bone mineral density when they could have a utilized safer, more reliable, and more powerful option.

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Bone problems will come up whenever the bone mineral density is declining quicker than it ought to be. This usually means that the bones are going to degenerate faster than it is regenerating, which compromises the bone density and overall strength. The newer versions like TAF doesn’t have the exact same hazard, not to the level of Truvada. Gilead Sciences chose to delay the release of the medication since they wanted the patent to be protracted.

Below are some of the bone problems connected to Truvada:

  • Osteopenia
  • Tooth decay
  • Decreasing bone density
  • Osteoporosis
  • Tooth loss
  • Dental Problems
  • Bone fractures

Who Can File a Truvada Lawsuit?

If you or a relative has suffered from the negative effects of Truvada, you could be able to file a lawsuit against the drug manufacturers – Gilead Sciences. Individuals who have suffered from the side effects are eligible for this compensation due to the pain, sickness, illness, and medical bills they need to cover when treating these side effects.

Our law firm has qualified attorneys who prepared to offer dedicated service and strategic representation to clients who have suffered from bone density loss, osteopenia, osteoporosis, and other injuries as a consequence of using Truvada and any other medications from Gilead Sciences.

Should we on your case, you don’t have to worry about paying anything since we utilize the contingency fee basis. This means we are only going to get paid when you receive a settlement or compensation.

Have Lawsuits Been Filed Against the Makers of Truvada?

There are numerous lawsuits facing by Gilead Sciences from HIV-positive people who used their antiretroviral drug and then suffered side effects. In April 2019, 41 people from 12 states filed a personal injury lawsuit against the company in California over Truvada. They were looking for reimbursement from Gilead Sciences after being diagnosed with osteoporosis, broken bones, kidney failure, and other ailments linked to Truvada medication.

There was a suit filed in May 2018 by patients infected with HIV against Gilead Sciences. The plaintiffs accused the company of delaying the development of a less dangerous and far better version of TDF. According to the plaintiffs, the drugmaker failed to warn patients about the side effects of the medications, although they had known about it since 2001.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Phoenix Truvada Lawsuit Attorney?

We are accepting any injury cases linked to Truvada, no matter the state you are from. We give a totally free consultation. We operate on a contingency fee basis when handling personal injury cases. This usually means that the fee will be compensated when you recover compensation.

The contingency fee in most cases will depend on the status of the situation once the attorney succeeds in receiving their client compensated. It’ll be a percentage of the whole settlement fee and will vary because it depends on the expertise of the lawyer and the resources and time that they put into that case.

These kinds of personal injury cases will require a group of legal heads and physicians when preparing the situation; which means more money will be needed. This will bring about the rate being higher.

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Many lawsuits are coming against Gilead Sciences for what they did. They did not make improvements to their medication and failed to disclose important safety information. If they did this, they could have ended up saving lives, but they were absorbed by greed. They chose to place human lives at rust because they wanted to earn more money.

The cases are not exactly the same, and they are going to be judged on their merits, but you want to get the very best representation so justice can be serviced. Our mass tort law firm accepts cases from those impacted by Truvada’s side effects, and you’ll be able to rest knowing that our dedicated class action attorneys are helping to hold the drugmakers liable for what they have done.

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