Phoenix Talcum Powder Lawsuit

It has been found that the probability of ovarian cancer is raised for the women who employed Shower to Shower and baby powder. Alas, the odds of developing this cancer have been increased by almost 30 percent for anyone who employed powder regularly.

Studies show a definite link between ovarian cancer and powder that has caused many plaintiffs to join talcum powder class action suits. On the most basic level, this powder contains talc and the talc causes inflammation. Cancerous cells can develop because of inflammation.

Victims could seek compensation in a Phoenix Talcum Powder lawsuit. You need to contact our law firm and talk to an experienced Phoenix mass tort lawyer if you or someone you love has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer because of powder use.

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The Talcum Powder Controversy

Talcum powder has existed for a very long time. A lot of men and women believe the powder recipes contain components that weren’t previously used and have caused the powder to be more harmful than it was formerly. That isn’t true, nevertheless, and the powder was dangerous for several years before anybody knew it.

The main problem with talcum powder is the fact it can cause ovarian cancer. In talcum powder lawsuits, nearly all of the plaintiffs are women because they used powder by Johnson and Johnson for their female hygiene needs. The powder was applied directly to private areas and made them more likely to develop ovarian cancer.

The powder has been shown to cause cancer because of the talc it comprises. While none of those things separately are dangerous, talc naturally contains asbestos. It’s well-known that asbestos is a cancer-causing agent. Implementing talc straight to the personal area can easily cause irritation that could possibly lead to ovarian cancer.

Lawsuits Against Johnson and Johnson

Women began developing ovarian cancer more and more frequently. This induced them to start to file lawsuits against the talcum powder’s largest manufacturer. In a majority of those suits, Johnson and Johnson is named as the defendant.

Recently, a case was brought against Johnson and Johnson based on the simple fact that they failed to warn customers about the dangers of using their products. Even after paying out billions of dollars and causing many women to suffer, Johnson and Johnson continues to assert their product is safe.

The company continues to refuse to discuss important information with its customers about talcum powder dangers despite the very clear research that demonstrates talc may lead to ovarian cancer. Johnson and Johnson still claim their product is secure. More suits will come because of this. The company, however, thinks they’ll earn more money selling their merchandise than taking them off the market.

A bottle of talcum powder on its side, spilling the contents onto a black counter top. Contact our talcum powder lawsuit lawyers today to discuss your case in Phoenix.

Thousands of lawsuits involving talcum powder have been registered in the last few years. Nearly all of the suits were filed from Johnson and Johnson and a lot of these comprise the failure of the company to warn in their criticism.

In a lot of these cases, Johnson and Johnson averted responsibility for a lengthy time. All that stopped in 2018 thanks to its nearly $5 billion verdicts. Once the verdict was announced, the future of Johnson and Johnson’s inventory value was questioned. Unfortunately, an important impact was not seen.

Damages You Can Recover Through a Phoenix Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Lost Wages

If your cancer has caused you to miss any time in the office or it’s caused permanent disability, you are entitled to compensation.

Medical Bills

Ovarian cancer can be quite costly to deal with and we’ll demand all expenses associated with your present and future remedies.

Pain and Suffering

Cancer may cause you to be sick for a lengthy time and can cause tremendous amounts of pain and discomfort. This means a majority of your settlement will be contingent upon the pain and distress this devastating illness can lead to.

We believe you deserve to be paid and we’ll do all we can to get you all that you deserve.

Contact Our Mass Tort Lawyers in Phoenix

Contact us now if you or someone you love has grown ovarian cancer due to the use of talcum powder. It’s important to file your talcum powder suit in Phoenix within the right time frame and you’ll want to be certain you’re added to some of the most powerful class action lawsuits. It’s not sufficient to claim you’ve used talcum powder for several years, you ought to be diagnosed with ovarian cancer to submit a suit. Furthermore, in order to recoup damages, you will have to have evidence. It would be a waste of your time and the attorneys if you are not truly sick.

We have experienced Phoenix Talcum Powder lawyers that are ready to evaluate your case. Your health should be your primary attention and we will handle the legal component of your situation to assist you get the compensation which you might be qualified for.

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