San Francisco Taxotere Lawsuit

Presently, a mass tort case is underway against the producers of Taxotere, a drug commonly utilized to treat cancer. Companies that manufacture drugs like these have a responsibility to make sure they are safe. When a drug turns out to cause harm or to pose a threat to patients, anyone who took it has the right to sue the maker for their damages.

In essence, a set of plaintiffs files a single lawsuit against the company. Assuming they win the case, any settlement money that is recovered is then divided between all of the plaintiffs. Our firm in San Francisco specializes in handling mass tort cases.

If you experienced problems as a result of Taxotere therapy, reach us out now to talk about your legal options.

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What’s the Reason for the Taxotere Lawsuit?

Since its debut, however, its applications have grown. Today, doctors use it to treat various different kinds of cancer including head, neck, prostate, stomach, and small-cell lung cancer. Because it has so many applications, a high amount of people have been treated with Taxotere.

Hair loss is a major concern for anybody who is going through chemotherapy. Patients in this place already have so much stress to manage that shedding their hair makes things even worse. Whenever these patients discovered that among the side effects of Taxotere is permanent baldness, they obviously wanted to hold the makers of this drug responsible.

What Problems Does Taxotere Cause?

Women who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer account for 20 to 30% of all cancer patients. This problem is diagnosed when breast cancer metastasizes to other regions of the body. At these times, patients usually undergo chemotherapy as part of the treatment.

Taxotere is among the most widely used chemotherapy drugs. It will help keep metastatic breast cancer from spreading in women. The FDA approved the drug for use in America in 1996.

Along with causing nausea and other side effects commonly associated with chemotherapy, in addition, it can lead to the permanent loss of hair. Granted, baldness has been associated with cancer therapy for several decades. Up until the usage of this drug, but hair loss was rarely irreversible.

What Are a Few of the Most Common Injuries Brought on by Taxotere?

A good deal of drugs utilized to treat cancer cause patients to lose their hair. Doctors usually notify patients of this potential side effect when they are discussing the different treatment choices that are available. A number of the most frequent side effects associated with cancer medications include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Infection
  • Increased susceptibility to infections
  • Easy bruising
  • Infection
  • A temporary loss of hair

A woman meeting with a Taxotere lawsuit attorney in San Francisco about an injury claim.

When determining which treatment option to pursue, patients obviously consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Cancer therapy is not comfortable. Most patients go into the procedure understanding that they’ll experience certain side effects.

In regards to this lawsuit against Sanofi-Aventis, the plaintiffs claim that the drug manufacturer knew about the dangers of the medication but purposely kept important information from the public.

The Manufacturer Was Conscious of the Risk

When Taxotere was originally marketed by Sanofi-Aventis, the drug manufacturer said that any baldness brought on by the drug was temporary. They even went so far as to guarantee doctors that any hair lost by their own patients would eventually return. They specifically stated that the drug did not cause permanent hair loss.

It’s really hard to believe that a company that produces drugs for treating cancer could purposely hide information such as this. Individuals diagnosed with cancer are already dealing with a tremendous quantity of stress. On top of that, they now have to deal with taking legal actions against the maker since they were lied to.

Taxotere is fabricated by Sanofi-Aventis. There’s evidence showing that they understood that the drug resulted in permanent hair loss. It was then that they provided warnings to European clients about the threat. Sadly, they waited another ten years before warning patients along with the US.

That means that for ten years, the company knew that their medication could potentially cause people to permanently shed their hair. If you believe about how many millions of dollars the firm earned within this ten-year period, it’s simple to determine why they opted to deceive patients. They’d rather risk being sued than lose out on a chance to make all of that profit.

Evidence has also been discovered showing that the company was notified by the FDA in 2009 they were misbranding their merchandise. At the moment, the FDA called out the company to be dishonest and asserting that their product was a safer alternative to other treatment choices. Section of the deception included claiming that patients would just suffer temporary hair loss.

The mass tort case filed against the company is based greatly on the European warnings. The fact that the company issued those warnings in Europe shows that they were conscious of the problem and chose to lie to the public anyway as a means of protecting their profits.

Reach Out to a Taxotere Lawsuit Attorney in San Francisco

In the event that you or a close relative experienced permanent or long-term hair loss as a consequence of using Taxotere, contact our firm right away. We can assist you to seek damages at the Taxotere lawsuit, making sure that you’re compensated for the injuries.

At Class Action Coalition Lawyers, we’ll work hard to ensure that you are fairly compensated. Part of this defense strategy of the business is to claim that permanent baldness is minor compared to beating cancer. Their principal argument is that the medication is capable of treating cancer. Included in the defense, they try to reduce the issue of long-term or permanent baldness. What they don’t know is how devastating a loss like that is to somebody who will never be able to grow hair again.

If you experienced hair loss as a result of Taxotere, establish a free consultation with our mass tort lawyers in San Francisco right away. We will have a close look at your situation to determine whether you are eligible to file a Taxotere lawsuit in San Francisco. We will also help you understand how much money you will probably get.

The drug manufacturer that made Taxotere is represented by a group of skilled class action attorneys. That’s why you need to get a lawyer of your own.

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