Boston Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Among the most popular mass tort claims now is that of talcum powder. Girls who used baby powder and Shower to Shower are found to be at risk of ovarian cancer. In fact, the likelihood of developing cancer increase by about 30% for women who use powder on a regular basis.

Essentially, talc in the powder induces inflammation. This inflammation can cause you to develop cancerous cells. There are studies that show a clear connection between the powder and the illness. That is why so many plaintiffs are connecting these class action Boston talcum powder lawsuits.

If you or a family member have developed ovarian cancer as a result of using powder, you want to contact a mass tort lawyer.

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What Sparked the Controversy Over Talcum Powder?

A whole lot of individuals think talcum powder only became hazardous within the last few decades. They think that perhaps newer recipes of the product have substances that weren’t used previously. The reality is, baby powder has been dangerous for decades, we just didn’t understand it.

The majority of the problems caused by talcum powder need to do with it causing ovarian cancer. Girls make up the majority of the plaintiffs in the talcum powder lawsuits. This is because girls used Johnson and Johnson’s powder for feminine hygiene reasons. They applied the powder straight to their personal areas, which makes them very susceptible to prostate cancer.

The reason why powder causes cancer is due to the talc. Talc contains three (3) main ingredients: magnesium, potassium, and silicon. These items alone are not dangerous. The issue is that talc naturally contains asbestos which is a transparent, cancer-causing agent. When applied directly to a private area, it can lead to irritation that could result in cancer.

When Were Talcum Powder Lawsuits Initially Filed?

As more women developed ovarian cancer, as they started to file suit against the largest talcum powder manufacturer. The majority of these lawsuits named Johnson and Johnson as defendants.

The jury awarded over $4.7 billion to 22 different plaintiffs. Regardless of this, Johnson and Johnson still assert that their product is safe. The lawsuit was based more on Johnson and Johnson’s failure to frighten than anything else.

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There’s clear research that talc can cause ovarian cancer. However, the company still swears there’s nothing wrong with their product. So, they refuse to warn their clients about the hazards of talcum powder. This will lead to more suits. However, the company feels they’ll make more money this way than simply carrying their product off the market.

Over the past couple of decades, thousands of talcum powder suits were filed. Most were registered against Johnson and Johnson. And, many comprise the organization’s failure to warn in their criticism.

For quite a very long time, Johnson and Johnson prevented liability in lots of these scenarios. That finished in 2018 using the $4.7 billion verdict mentioned before. When the judgment was announced, a lot of people worried about what could happen to Johnson and Johnson’s stock value. But, there was little to no substantial effect.

What Damages Can You Claim in a Talcum Powder Suit?

Your mass tort attorney will need that you be paid for the following:

Medical Bills

Any expenses related to the treatment of your ovarian cancer.

Lost Wages

If you miss time from work or be permanently disabled because of your cancer, you’re eligible for compensation.

Pain and Suffering

A majority of your settlement will probably be due to your pain and suffering. Cancer may be a devastating illness. You’ll be ill for quite a while. You may not live. The suffering and pain are tremendous.

Your mass tort attorney in Boston will work hard to get you every penny you deserve.

File Your Boston Talcum Powder Lawsuit With Our Firm

In the event that you or a family member have developed ovarian cancer due to talcum powder, contact a mass tort law firm now. You only have so much time to document your lawsuit. You also should be certain that you’re added to any strong class-action suits.

Also, you do have to actually be diagnosed with ovarian cancer to file suit. You need to show actual damages so as to recover. No lawyer will take your case if you aren’t sick. It could be a waste of your time and theirs.

You can meet with an experienced attorney who will evaluate your situation. You need to focus on your health right now. You may be qualified for a significant payment.

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