How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit: Eligibility and Procedures

You’ve been wronged by a company and want justice, but taking them to court on your own would cost you a fortune. So what can you do? Joining a class action lawsuit might be the answer. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to join a class action, from checking if you’re eligible to submitting the paperwork.

Eligibility Requirements to Join a Class Action

To join most class action lawsuits, you typically need to meet a few basic qualifications. First, you must be part of the class of people affected by the issue in question.

This could be customers of a company, employees, homeowners, investors, or others. You’ll also usually need to have suffered damages or losses as a result of the defendant’s actions or negligence.

Specific Requirements

The specific eligibility criteria will depend on the details of each case. For example, in a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company, you may need to have taken a particular drug within a certain period and experienced harmful side effects.

In an employment dispute, you may need to have worked in a specific position or department during the relevant time frame. The law firm handling the case will outline all requirements on their website and in initial case filings.

Opting In vs. Opting Out

Some class actions require you to “opt in” by submitting a claim form, while others allow you to “opt out” if you don’t wish to participate.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll typically receive notice from the court about your options for joining the lawsuit. It’s a good idea to discuss the details with the law firm to determine if participating is in your best interest before opting in or out.


when many people have the same case against a plaintiff they join in a class action litigation

How to Find Open Class Action Lawsuits to Join

Websites like, Top Class Actions, and ClassActionRebates post information about open class action settlements and lawsuits.

You can browse by category like technology, banking, employment, or auto, to find cases that match your situation. These sites allow you to sign up to receive alerts for new cases in areas that interest you.

Many large plaintiffs’ law firms that specialize in class action litigation maintain lists on their websites of current cases they have filed or are involved with. Federal court records are public, and many courts now have online docket systems where you can search for recent class action filings.

Steps to Joining a Class Action Lawsuit

The first step is determining if you meet the eligibility criteria to join the lawsuit. Typically, you must be part of the class that was allegedly harmed in some way.

If you want to join an opt-in class action or have decided not to opt out of an automatic inclusion, you will need to register your claim. This typically involves filling out some paperwork, either online or through mail, with details about your situation that qualify you as a member of the class.

Get in Touch With a Class Action Lawyer Right Away!

If you think you may qualify for a class action lawsuit, we encourage you to contact Class Action Lawyer Coalition right away. Our experienced team of class action attorneys can review your situation and advise you on the best course of action.

We know how confusing and complicated joining class action lawsuits can be. Let our lawyers simplify the process for you and determine if participating is worthwhile given your specific circumstances.

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