Valsartan Class Action Lawsuit And Everything You Should Know About It

The New Jersey federal court is currently listening to several lawsuits regarding the controversial blood pressure drug “Valsartan.” Many of the patients that took the drug now have cancer. The victims allege that several batches of the drug were contaminated by NDMA, which is a potential carcinogen. This is what brings us to Valsartan class-action lawsuits.

Where Do the Lawsuits Currently Stand?

A federal panel decided to combine ten lawsuits filed around the United States into one against Valsartan in the federal court of New Jersey. It ruled mass litigation for the issue and identified 20 other such cases added to the current litigation. Over 20 Valsartan manufacturers were named as defendants in this February 2019 ruling.

By the end of July 2019, the number of cases rose to 88, and are yet to see a trial so far. So far, not even one case has reached any settlement. The very first 10 cases were just consumer class action lawsuits that claimed reimbursement of the money people spent buying the medicine for over six years. However, since the federal panel identified 17 other cases where people claimed they had been diagnosed with cancer and liver damage, the cases were reclassified as personal injury lawsuits.

Being a blood pressure medication, Valsartan has been widely used by a major portion of the population. According to estimates, about 1.5 million people might have used tainted Valsartan medication.

How Was Valsartan Tainted?

Many individuals who have been prescribed the Valsartan drug and consequently bought it at their local pharmacies from several manufacturers were suffering from issues related to NMDA consumption. Upon investigation, it was found that several batches of Valsartan were tainted with this potential carcinogenic.

How to File a Valsartan  Lawsuit?

If you think you’re one of the victims of the tainted Valsartan drug, the first thing you should do before filing a lawsuit is to go to your doctor and get an official diagnosis. Then, do the best you can to mitigate the damages and problems you are suffering from due to the drug’s use. This would be of great help to file an honest lawsuit.

The next thing is to hire an attorney.

Hiring an attorney can be a great advantage over fighting the case yourself. Because when you have a dedicated attorney, you get to know all and every one of your options and make an informed decision on how you should proceed with your cause. Remember that there is a statute of limitations over how long you have until you file a personal injury lawsuit. So if you wait too long before you file your lawsuit, the courts may not allow you to do so because of how long it has been.

Advantages of Hiring an Attorney

  • Your lawyer would be able to assess your damages and give you informed advice on your options.
  • An attorney would be proficient in establishing liability for all your injuries.
  • Unlike you, an attorney would know what to look for and where to find all the right evidence for you. It may seem easy, but this is a much difficult job, and the professionalism of a good attorney would be crucial in winning your case.
  • The attorney would be able to navigate through the complexities of the courts and the due process of cases. They would know the way of the court and also how to get things done.
  • Instead of fighting, your attorney would be glad to fight for your due compensation and make sure you get a satisfying result either through settlement or reward.

Do You Qualify For a Valsartan  Lawsuit?

It should be noted that not all people that took the drug qualify for the lawsuit. This is because only some of the drugs from different manufacturers were tainted, and only those people that consumed Valsartan from these batches are eligible to file their lawsuits. Here’s the list of known manufacturers whose batches of Valsartan were found to be tainted.

Many major pharmaceuticals like:

  • Solco healthcare
  • Teva pharmaceutical industries ltd.
  • Solco healthcare Valsartan /HCTZ products
  • Teva pharmaceuticals Valsartan /HCTZ products

Even if you have not used any of the above brands and are unsure, have yourself checked by a doctor for any symptoms of liver cancer, Gastric cancer, and colorectal cancer. If you do suffer from any of them, it could be because of your Valsartan medication and it would be wise to contact your attorney to join a Valsartan class-action lawsuit.