Washington DC IVC Filter Lawsuit

Inferior vena cava filters (or IVC) are medical implants that are used by doctors in patients that are undergoing an operation. IVC filters have been designed to stop fatal embolisms and blood clots during surgery. They were seen as potential lifesavers when they became available. Unfortunately, in some patients, they triggered harm. If you were affected, a Washington DC IVC filter lawsuit lawyer at our mass tort firm can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

IVC filters operate by metal filters trapping blood clots and holding them in position until they’ve been dissolved.

It was intended for IVC filters to be momentary. It was never meant for them to remain inside the body for extended time periods. Following the threat of embolism or blood clot has dissipated, the augmentation should be removed. However, they are not always removed by surgeons as fast as they should be.

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Injuries Linked to IVC Filters

About ten years back, a lot of complaints regarding IVC filters started to be obtained by the FDA. Some of those complaints contained the following:

  • The apparatus somehow rips apart or cuts the insides of the Individual
  • The entire apparatus came unhinged and traveled across the body
  • Pieces breaking off of this apparatus and travel throughout the patient’s body

The FDA issued a note to physicians telling them that the filters had problems. Additionally, they counseled Bard to warn consumers about these risks. But, Bard made the decision to not do that.

The following are some of the main complications that IVC filters cause:

  • Being Not Able to remove the filter
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Venous wall puncture
  • Pulmonary embolism

There were also complaints from patients that had IVC filters of having complications and pain. After not getting any settlement from their doctors or Bard, they made the choice to get in touch with mass tort attorneys. With so many plaintiffs involved, IVC filter cases have been filed in the form of class-action suits. Mass tort lawyers across the country have managed these cases.

Why Are IVC Filter Lawsuits Being Filed?

In 2015, the first IVC Filter lawsuit was filed. The plaintiff was a person who had been given an implant prior to having surgery. Tragically, the person had to have another open-heart surgery process for the damage to be repaired that the IVC filter had triggered. The plaintiff had such a strong case that it was settled under ten days.

Some of the additional problems caused by IVC filters Aside from reparative operation include the following:

  • Death
  • Heart failure
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Blood clots
  • Intense pain

An attorney meeting with a client regarding an IVC filter lawsuit in Washington DC.

If you were hurt as a consequence of a defective IVC filter, then contact a mass tort lawyer in Washington DC. An experienced lawyer will work diligently to help you obtain the compensation that you deserve and want.

What Damages May Be Demanded By Mass Tort Lawyers In Washington DC?

Depending on how severe your injuries are, you can file a suit for the following kinds of damages:

Pain and Suffering

Sometimes pain and suffering can make up more or as much of a jury away than most the rest combined. Judges and juries are frequently abbreviated to plaintiffs that have endured a lot of suffering caused by their injuries. When it comes to a defective IVC filter, there are can be a lot of pain involved. For example, a patient may go to the hospital to have a fundamental surgical procedure performed and end up using a defective filter. The individual could wind up needing to have open-heart operation so as to fix the harm the filter has generated. It can be painful and risky than that which the original surgery caused.

Lost Wages

If you’ve got a defective IVC filter, then there’s a fantastic chance that you have missed a lot of time off from work. You may be out for months or even months. A mass tort attorney can submit evidence to show just how much income and time away from work you’ve lost.

Medical Bills

You might have a very higher number of health bills accumulating because of a defective IVC filter. You may require another surgery performed to repair the damage that has been caused by your filter. You may have undergone a serious infection which requires expensive drugs and hospitalization. You also have the right to be reimbursed for these costs.

To file a lawsuit, you want to have really suffered damages. Simply having an implant does not indicate that you are able to automatically file a suit. You need to have had endured some kind of injury. Depending upon the location where your file, probably your situation is going to be part of a bigger class-action suit.

Get in Touch With a Washington DC IVC Filter Lawsuit Lawyer

If either you or a family member has been injured because of a faulty IVC Filter and want to file an IVC filter suit in Washington DC, contact our mass tort firm. Your situation will be evaluated by your lawyer and inform you whether or not your situation can quality for a mass tort claim.

Numerous IVC Filter cases already have been filed. There are some cases that were settled while others are still pending. There are two factors that these cases derive from the harm that’s a result of the true faulty filters and also the fact that Bard made the choice to not warn their clients. Attempting to warn customers is as essential in these instances as the damage that is a result of the IVC filters.

Call and get a free consultation scheduled today with an experienced IVC Filter Attorney here at Class Action Coalition Lawyers. It is possible to meet with a proficient and skilled lawyer to go over your case. The attorney can tell you whether you have a legitimate claim that could be brought from the manufacturer and give you a fantastic idea about what your situation might be worth.

Your initial consultation will be free and you won’t need to pay any time until your case is settled. The manufacturer will have a group of attorneys working for them, so you should as well.

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