Coronavirus Update

Class Action Lawyer Coalition Shutdown Offices

Dear Clients and Friends-

As a result of the declared national emergency arising out of the spread of the corona virus, COVID-19, effective Monday, March 16, 2020, Class Action Lawyer Coalition closed its offices around the country while there remains a national health crisis.  We have taken this action to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our employees, families, friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens.  We will continue to monitor the situation both locally and nationally to determine when it is appropriate to re-open our offices and to return to normal operations.

In the meantime, we have been working to provide as many of our employees as possible the ability to work from home in order to continue representing our clients, so we can obtain justice and compensation for their injuries.

For our clients, please know that we continue to work on your cases and to pursue your claims during this office closure.  Our attorneys, paralegals, nurses, and many of our case managers will be working remotely from their homes during our normal business hours, and we are doing all that we can to pursue your claims.  Many of the courts around the country have closed or have limited the proceedings they are handling, but we will continue to actively pursue your claims and the litigations we are handling as much as possible. That being said, as a result of the closures of the courts, our offices, and other businesses, things will inevitably be delayed.  We apologize in advance if we are unable to take or to return phone calls, emails, or other contacts and communications immediately.  Please leave a message and know that we will return your contacts as soon as we are reasonably able to do so.

Thank you for your patience, and we wish you all safety and health during this difficult time.

Class Action Lawyer Coalition

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