The Role of Expert Witnesses in Class Action Litigation

Expert witnesses are specialists with expertise relevant to the lawsuit. Class action lawyers rely on experts to analyze complex data and determine if, for example, a medication caused harmful side effects. Their opinions can make or break a case.

To be effective, expert witnesses must have proper credentials and experience. They investigate the details, evaluate the evidence, and determine the facts. Then, in depositions and trial testimony, they explain in plain terms how and why they reached their conclusions.

Evidence and testimony from expert witnesses tend to carry a lot of weight with juries. In the high-stakes world of class action litigation, experts are indispensable.

Subject Matter Expertise

Subject Matter Expertise refers to expert witnesses’ deep and specialized knowledge in specific fields directly relevant to a lawsuit. These fields can encompass various disciplines, such as economics, science, engineering, medicine, finance, and other technical domains.

Expert witnesses offer insights into specialized topics that most laypeople don’t fully understand. They dissect complex data and explain intricate technical details.

Their expertise is vital in helping judges and juries to grasp complex subjects that impact the case.

Preparation of Reports

Expert witnesses play a vital role in class action litigation by preparing comprehensive reports that detail their analyses, methodologies, findings, and opinions. These reports serve as crucial documents presented as evidence in court.

In addition, reports facilitate effective communication of complex topics to judges, legal teams, and fellow experts involved in the case.

Depositions and Testimony

During the discovery phase of class action litigation, expert witnesses offer deposition testimony, during which they are subjected to questioning from attorneys representing both sides. This process seeks to uncover the underpinnings of their opinions, methodologies, and analyses.

At trial, expert witnesses present their opinions before the judge and jury, offering clear explanations of complex matters. Because of their specialized knowledge and meticulous examination of evidence, testimony from expert witnesses carries significant weight and often shapes the outcome of a case.

class action lawyers often rely on experts to win your case

Assessment of Damages

Through meticulous analysis and examination of relevant data, expert witnesses determine the extent of the harm and financial losses experienced by class members. For example, a medical expert may testify about the pain and suffering caused by cancer and the costs of treatment. Financial experts can calculate the amount of future income plaintiffs have lost due to being unable to work.

This assessment serves as the foundation for determining appropriate compensation for those affected.

Demonstrating Causation

In class action cases, expert witnesses play a critical role in establishing a cause-and-effect relationship between a dangerous drug or product and the harm suffered by plaintiffs. Medical and scientific experts can analyze and explain how a product caused harm.  If a company violated industry standards, experts can demonstrate how the company was negligent.

Class Certification

Expert witnesses are instrumental in the process of class certification, providing valuable insights into the shared issues among the proposed class members. Leveraging their expertise, these witnesses assist in demonstrating that the case involves a cohesive group with common concerns.

By offering analyses of the common questions of fact or law, these experts contribute to satisfying the legal criteria necessary for a lawsuit to be certified as a class action.

Rebuttal of Opposing Experts

In many class action cases, lawyers for the plaintiffs and the defendant both rely on expert witnesses. Expert witnesses critique the methodologies, findings, and opinions put forth by the opposing side’s experts.

By methodically identifying weaknesses, inconsistencies, or flaws in arguments, experts can undermine the other side’s case.

Settlement Negotiations

Expert witnesses are valuable assets during settlement negotiations, as their analyses provide insights into the potential outcomes of a trial. These experts conduct assessments of the case’s strengths and weaknesses, evaluating the evidence, legal arguments, and potential risks.

Their input helps parties make informed decisions about whether to settle the case or proceed with litigation. By offering objective perspectives on the potential trial verdicts and associated costs, expert witnesses enable parties to assess the benefits and risks of various strategies for resolution.

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