All You Need To Know About Paragard IUD T 380A Lawsuit

Paragard IUD T 380A is a birth control intrauterine device manufactured by Cooper Companies and Teva Pharmaceuticals. While the device effectively prevents pregnancy, it demonstrates a serious flaw – the device is prone to breakage during its removal. The broken pieces of this IUD cause pain, health complications, and severe side effects in women and need to be removed through an invasive procedure. Women who have used Paragard IUD T 380A and have suffered both physical suffering and financial loss due to breaking of the device can file a Paragard IUD T 380A lawsuit against the manufacturers because they deliberately released a defective product in the market, advertised it as a safe product, and failed to notify medical professionals as well as the general public about its defects and possible complications.

What Is Paragard IUD T 380A, And How Does It Prevent Pregnancy?

Paragard IUD is a T-shaped copper IUD that is primarily made of polyethylene. Copper wires weighing about 175 mg and a copper collar of about 69 mg are present in the device. It is implanted through the cervix and inside the uterine cavity by a qualified medical professional.

Once placed in position, the device works in the same way as most copper IUDs – by causing the level of copper ions to rise as copper destroys the sperm and prevents fertilization. This device is not just effective as a birth control measure but can even serve as emergency contraception if it’s implanted within five days of an unprotected sexual encounter.

Although the device effectively fulfills its intended purpose of birth control, its design is such that the horizontal arms are brittle and often break into pieces during the explant or removal process. As such, it has caused health risks and serious complications in women who used the device, believing it to be perfectly safe.

What is the Paragard IUD T 380A Lawsuit?

Women affected by the breaking of Paragard IUD face health problems, severe pain, and even need to bear extra medical expenses to remove the broken arms through an invasive procedure. That’s why lawsuits have been filed against the manufacturers by affected women to claim appropriate compensation.

The basis of the lawsuit is that the manufacturers marketed and sold Paragard IUD as a safe device and did not warn people about its potential defect. Neither did they inform the doctors about it and issued no guidelines on safe removal methods that would prevent or minimize the possibility of breakage. Their negligence caused suffering and financial loss to women who believed the device to be safe, which makes them liable for compensating those who suffered due to Paragard IUD.

What Health Problems And Side Effects Are Caused By Paragard IUD?

If the device’s arms break off during removal, it gets trapped or lodged inside the uterine cavity and can even shift to other regions if not removed promptly. In some cases, the device even breaks before the removal process, causing pain and the need for immediate medical attention. Even in simple cases where the pieces are easier to remove, a minimally invasive procedure like hysteroscopy is required. If it’s more complicated, you may need a laparoscopy (small incisions are made) or laparotomy (requires larger incisions in the abdominal area).

Severe cases may even require a hysterectomy, which removes the entire uterus and leads to permanent infertility. But in worst cases, it might not be possible to find and remove the pieces, which causes various complications like infection, pelvic inflammation, menstrual pain, organ damage, ruptured uterus, etc.

Contact an Attorney Today for Filing Paragard IUD Lawsuit

If you or someone you know has been affected by a defective Paragard IUD, and if it has led to health problems and the unnecessary risk and expense of invasive procedures, then contact an attorney right away to file for compensation. Winning the lawsuit requires proper evidence to be presented which proves that the suffering and expenses you had to bear were due to no fault on your part, that the device was inserted and used perfectly as instructed, and that it was the manufacturer’s failure to warn their customers and market a defective, potentially harmful product.

Only an experienced attorney can gather the required evidence and present the case in court properly, ensuring that the ruling is in your favor so you can receive the deserved settlement. Please note that the Paragard IUD T 380A lawsuit is not a class-action lawsuit, and cases are settled individually, which is why it’s extremely essential to have an attorney handle the case on your behalf.

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