Hip Implant Lawsuits and Compensation

Hip implant lawsuits have become more common recently. Hip replacement is a common surgical procedure for people with damaged or old, worn-out hips, either replaced or supported by an artificial implant. It is more prevalent among old and aged people, but younger people may also need a hip replacement if they suffer substantial injuries to the hip joints. The prosthetic hip implant serves the function of an actual hip and allows the person to move about normally.

With the growing number of such cases, people affected by effective hip replacement implants have even taken legal action against the manufacturers, filing lawsuits and claiming compensation. In fact, there are at least three brands that we know of which still have pending hip implant lawsuit cases as of 2021.

Hip Implant Lawsuits

Over the years, various hip replacement implants have been introduced to the market, usually produced by well-known manufacturers. However, an alarming number of cases have come forward in the past few years where commercially available hip implants are proven to be defective and not functioning as efficiently as advertised. Keep in mind that hip implants are designed to be extremely durable, and many of them are built to last for 10-15 years or even more.

If you or someone you know has suffered pain, discomfort, and incurred medical expenses due to a defective hip replacement implant, you too can join the movement and file hip implant lawsuits against the manufacturers. Read on to know all about ongoing hip replacement lawsuits and how you can claim compensation if you have been affected physically and financially by defective hip implants.

When Are You Eligible For Compensation Through A Hip Implant Lawsuit?

You can file a hip replacement lawsuit if

  • You’ve undergone hip replacement surgery and,
  • The hip implant breaks or malfunctions before its guarantee period

As mentioned earlier, hip implants are usually designed to last for more than a decade. If they fail within a few years, that is seen as a major defect, and it has happened with a lot of people. There are cases of hip implants failing within 1 to 5 years, even when they are marketed as safe to use for 10+ years.

The failure of a hip implant can refer to one or more of many malfunctions such as:

  1. Loosening of the implant, thus failing to provide the necessary support
  2. Some part of the implant breaks inside, and the broken pieces can cause pain and discomfort
  3. The implant gradually gets dislocated or shifts from its position

These and other types of hip replacement failure can not just cause pain, discomfort, and possible internal injuries, but you may also need to undergo an invasive procedure to either correct or replace the defective implant. Amidst all the physical stress, you can end up piling medical bills too.

If the implant was marketed as safe for a certain number of years but failed before its guaranteed period, the fault is mostly attributed to the manufacturers – for false marketing, selling defective medical equipment to the public, and negligence towards the well-being of people. With proper evidence and documentation, and the assistance of a reliable and experienced attorney, you can receive adequate compensation. Hip implant lawsuits are how you ensure you get reimbursed for your problems.

Ongoing Hip Replacements You Should Know About

Three popular hip implants manufacturers still have numerous hip replacements pending against them, and here’s what you need to know about them:


Biomet’s M2a Magnum implant, which they promised would work for at least 15 years, reported several cases of failure after just a year or two. This led to many lawsuits filed against them since 2012, and despite already paying millions in the settlement, they still have more cases to deal with.

Smith and Nephew

When Smith and Nephew’s SMF hip implants started receiving complaints of defects, a mass district litigation was launched against them by 28 people in total. As more cases of hip implant failures emerged, the number of hip implant lawsuits went from 28 to 600. Even after setting aside a few hundred million for settlement, there are more ongoing lawsuits against Smith and Nephew to date.

Johnson and Johnson

Perhaps the biggest and most popular name among the three, Johnson and Johnson’s sold a huge amount of hip replacement implants under their subsidiary company DePuy. Many of those implants became defective as they caused pain among users and even left some people unable to walk. The total amount they have spent on settlement and compensation has well over crossed the billion-dollar mark, and they’ll likely have to shell out more to clear the pending lawsuits.

Contact Authorities for Hip Implant Lawsuits Today

If you have used any of the above-mentioned hip implants and it has caused pain, injuries, and medical expenses due to manufacturing defects, then you should claim what you rightfully deserve and file a hip replacement lawsuit today. Find the best attorney to help you take the case to court by joining the already ongoing litigations against these corporations.

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