We have seen movies and tv shows about mass tort lawyers. They generally involve stories about the single lawyer going up against the big chemical company. And, while there are cases like that, they’re not the norm.

Our lass tort lawyers have spent decades studying exactly how to handle these kinds of cases. The circumstances tend to be complicated. They could take years to solve. If you need a lawyer that will help you take on a big corporation, you want to make sure that you keep one which knows what they’re doing.

Before you may employ a mass tort law firm, you need to understand what mass tort is.

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What Are Mass Tort Cases?

Volume tort cases are a special category of class action cases. They typically involve many plaintiffs who file lawsuit against a huge company. They’re filed in state or federal court. You won’t see cases such as this in the local county court.

Volume tort cases are registered against big businesses. Usually, the defendants in such cases include:

  • Producers
  • Medication companies
  • Railroad companies
  • Airlines
  • Chemical companies
  • Factories and Massive facilities

The”mass” component’s fairly clear. It refers to the fact that there are lots of plaintiffs instead of simply one. In fact, the class of plaintiffs might be in the hundreds or tens of thousands.

Now, let us look at the term”tort.” A tort is defined as a wrongful act that contributes to civil liability. There are three main Sorts of torts:


The defendant is aware of what he’s doing and commits the wrongful act.

Strict Liability

You can find cases in which the defendant is legally accountable for any mishaps that he causes, irrespective of intent. These are usually in which the defendant owns a company and sets out a defective item.


These constitute many tort cases. Negligence cases involve a suspect who may not have intentionally caused an injury. Rather, they’re accountable because they didn’t do what they were designed to perform. Most negligence cases involve injuries.

Volume tort lawyers specialize in these types of cases. You will find special court rules in regards to mass tort cases. You want to ensure whatever attorney you hire understands what they are doing.

How Can a Knowledgeable Mass Tort Lawyer Help?

Remember, these situations involve many plaintiffs. A good deal of these people see attorneys advertising on television. They recognize that they used a product that hurt other men and women. This makes them schedule their own free consultation.

Volume tort lawyers represent all kinds of customers. All of their plaintiffs are included in the same lawsuit. How much of this lawsuit award you receive depends on how severe your injuries .

A mass tort attorney knows exactly how to prosecute his situation. Even though they’re only filing one lawsuit, they’ll have mini-cases inside their office for every plaintiff. The good news is, you’ll nevertheless be treated as an individual. Your lawyer will still answer your phone calls.

Your lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf. He will communicate with defendants and their attorneys for your benefit. It is going to become your attorney’s job to manage the insurance carrier and react to any correspondence.

From the very beginning, your lawyer’s goal is to settle your situation. Your attorney will gather whatever evidence he wants to prove your case.

You’ll have to supply some of the signs. The rest will probably be made up of items like:

  • Medical Records
  • Affidavits
  • Depositions

They’ll struggle to get you the reimbursement you deserve.

Kinds of Cases Our Mass Tort Attorneys Manage

Our mass tort attorneys handle all kinds of cases. Most of their cases involve dangerous medications or medical devices. This is because these products can harm a great deal of people within a brief time period.

The more advanced our research, the further we could discover about harmful products and how they influence our bodies. Medicines that were believed to be wonderful years back are murdering people now. We can make more links now than ever before. There is no way we’d have understood that asbestos-caused cancer 80 decades ago. It took us a while to catch up technologically and scientifically.

We see exactly the identical thing with medical devices. There’s a new medical device on the market every month. Mass tort attorneys make sure these dangerous products are taken off the market. They also make sure that the businesses pay for the damage they’ve caused.

We see stories on the news about new mass tort cases. It is overwhelming to envision all the products that may hurt you. If you’ve been hurt by one or more of these goods, it’ good to know there are experienced lawyers who can help.

We’ll go over some of the more common mass tort cases here.

IVC Filters

Unfortunately, many patients complained of complications and pain as soon as they were outfitted with the IVC filters.

Up to now, more than 9,000 cases are filed against the maker of IVC filters. They’re the two chief companies which fabricate IVC filters.

After enough people complained, they found the filters were becoming fractured and perforated from the patients’ bodies. The patients had to undergo surgery around again to take out the device.

To date, the IVC filter instances have been filed in many states. Early cases reveal mixed results. Thus far, the cases are determined both ways.

The cases they have lost have awarded judgments in favor of the plaintiffs for more than a million dollars.

If you have had an IVC filter which has been defective, get an IVC filter lawyer when possible. The statute of limitations for civil cases changes by state and you don’t need to miss that deadline or your case will probably forever be barred.

Hernia Mesh

They had been used for a long time until they realized they were actually injuring several individuals.

  • Infection
  • Infection
  • Recurrence
  • Adhesion and
  • Obstruction

These apparatus are not on the market nowadays. But while they had been, they harmed thousands of people. Hernia mesh lawyers have gotten their clients compensation for their injuries.

To give you a good idea, 90 percent of all hernias were repaired utilizing hernia mesh apparatus. More than a million of these surgeries were performed. And, about 30 percent of hernia net patients complained of pain and other medical problems.

In fact, there are still cases pending against both these companies. Only this past year, C.R. Bard settled their claims for approximately $180 million.

Talcum Powder

Women have used talcum powder for centuries. It’s always been routine to liberally apply talcum powder once you get out of the shower. A lot of girls use talcum powder in their female areas. It was really marketed this way.

Talcum powder was also advertised as a product which keeps you dry. It is reasonable that women would use it in their private areas. For years, folks used it without giving it much thought.

A few years back, studies demonstrated a link between talcum powder and prostate cancer. Thousands of women that used talcum powder were being diagnosed with cancer. When they found that, mass tort attorneys began filing lawsuits against the manufacturers.

Much like a lot of different cases, Johnson and Johnson were among the giants named in lots of the class actions suits. A couple of the products cited in the suits were their baby powder and Shower-to-Shower.

As early as 1971, scientists could discover talc particles in over 75% of tumors found in ovarian cancer patients. Nevertheless, it was only years after that legal action commenced. By the 1980s, they found the probability of ovarian cancer increased 30 percent for women who used talcum powder during an extended time period.

They chose to keep the product on the marketplace. They chose not to warn their clients of these risks.

Millions of dollars have been obtained by plaintiffs in talcum powder cases. If you’ve been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and used talcum powder, then schedule a consultation with a mass tort lawyer that specializes in talcum powder lawsuits.

Hip Replacements

A lot of older folks need hip replacements. It’s a simple fact of life. If a patient needs a hip replacement, surgeons use different hardware to attach it. Johnson and Johnson invented and marketed a metal-on-metal hip augmentation. This implant has been used on thousands of patients.

People who had the implants needed to undergo surgery all over again to replace them. They needed to get new implants which were durable.

After several suits were filed, Johnson and Johnson took their product off the market. But the harm was done. Over $2.5 billion has been granted to plaintiffs from the hip replacement suits.

The courts have just awarded judgments to patients who have undergone the operation to fix their hip implant. And though the product is off of the market, more people are likely to suffer injuries.

Should you or your loved you’ve got a Johnson and Johnson metal-on-metal hip augmentation, chances are you are going to require surgery. You will want to meet with our hip replacement lawyers when possible.


The manufacturer of RoundUp is a company named Monsanto. RoundUp’s main ingredient is a compound called glyphosate. This chemical has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

The defendant denies that their product causes cancer. Some judges have agreed. But, you can’t dismiss the numerous studies which demonstrate a link between the popular weed killer and cancer.

The first RoundUp case was determined in 2017. It involved a groundskeeper who had been subjected to RoundUp for over 30 decades. He was diagnosed with cancer and advised that it was terminal.

The court ruled there was sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the glysophate in RoundUp could have caused the plaintiff’s cancer. They verified that Monsanto was aware of the danger and hid it from their customers.

Because of Monsanto’s deliberate failure to disclose these dangers, the plaintiff was granted countless damages. The defendant is presently appealing the case. Since that time, other cases are filed against Monsanto.

If your loved one used RoundUp and is now afflicted by non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, get in touch with a RoundUp lawyer immediately.


There are scores of birth control products. The most typical is the birth control pill. There are also implants, foams, and diaphragms. One of the latest devices devised was a product called Essure.

Essure consists of two metal devices that are implanted into a woman’s fallopian tubes. The metallic implants produce scar tissue which prevents fertilization from happening.

A number of the problems caused by Essure comprise:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Weight gain
  • Perforation
  • Depression
  • Nickel sensitivity
  • Unwanted pregnancy

As of 2017, over 3,700 plaintiffs had filed suit against the manufacturer of Essure — Bayer. In 2016, Bayer has been ordered to pay over $400 million in compensation for Essure lawsuits. However, they are selling their merchandise in the U.S. and Canada. A number of other countries have banned the item.

Though Bayet is now required by the FDA to set a warning in their tag, women are still getting injured.


Taxotere is a medication given to people undergoing chemotherapy. It helps fight nausea brought on by the treatment. People sick with cancer expect to lose their own hair short-term. However, hair loss is rarely permanent.

For patients who choose Taxotere, hair loss is often permanent. The last thing a cancer patient should be concerned about is permanent baldness. Thousands of people have filed lawsuit against the drug’s manufacturer, Sanofi-Aventis, Inc..

It’s not just that the medication causes permanent hair loss. The problem is that Sanofi-Aventis especially tells its customers that their product doesn’t lead to permanent hair loss. They do so even though they know that it isn’t true. In reality, studies have found that 15 percent of individuals who take Taxotere suffer permanent hair loss.

The plaintiffs claim that the manufacturer was well aware of the dangers associated with their merchandise, they intentionally decided to fool the public. If you or a loved one have employed Taxotere and experienced long-term or permanent hair loss, get in touch with a Taxotere lawyer near you today.

Proton Pump Inhibitors

Among the most recent mass tort cases deals with proton pump inhibitors (PPI). PPI is used to treat peptic disorders and GERD. It is currently believed that PPI may cause gastrointestinal cancer. Two recent studies have linked the disease to long-term use of PPI.

One of the most common accidents caused by PPI include:

  • Pancreatitis
  • Reduced kidney function
  • Reduced liver acts
  • Stevens-Johnson syndrome
  • Serious allergic reactions

If you now use a PPI, then speak with your doctor and make sure you don’t have any of these difficulties. If you do, contact a PPI stomach cancer attorney now.

Other class-action lawsuits we handle include:

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