Penumbra Jet 7 Xtra Flex Catheter Lawsuit Explained

Penumbra recently issued a massive voluntary recall for one of its products, which is the Penumbra Jet 7 Xtra Flex Catheter. This catheter is used to remove blood clots among stroke patients. The recall occurred due to several adverse health consequences that the catheters had for consumers. What exactly were those consequences, and who is eligible to file a Penumbra jet 7 xtra flex catheter lawsuit for compensation? Let’s find out.

The Penumbra Catheter Recall

Recently, numerous reports of injury and death amongst consumers in America and elsewhere caused Penumbra to recall around 30,000 Jet 7 Reperfusion Xtra Flex Catheters voluntarily. The recall occurred on Dec 15, 2020, and included the Jet 7 Max configuration, which comes the catheter along with the Max delivery service.

The company issued an “Urgent Voluntary Medical Device Recall Notification” where they stated the reason for the recall as the catheters’ susceptibility to distal tip damage might be high. Distal tip damage has the risk of resulting in vessel damage when it occurs alongside pressurization or contrast injection. This means that distal tip damage in catheters may ultimately result in serious injury or death, which is why the voluntary recall of the catheters took place.

This particular recall turned out to become one of Penumbra’s most serious recalls ever, with the Food and Drug Administration categorizing it as a Class 1 recall on Jan 29, 2021. This is because of the serious health consequences that the catheters have been found to have.

Who Can Sue Penumbra For Compensation?

As it turns out, some of the consumers affected by these catheters might be eligible for compensation. A certain section of stroke patients was eligible to remove blood clots using catheters, such as the one Penumbra has put out. This includes patients with large vessel occlusions for whom clot-busting drugs have proven to be unsuccessful. These stroke patients are mainly the ones on whom the Penumbra catheter was used.

Thus, the people who might be able to file lawsuits include those stroke patients who were injured due to a Penumbra Catheter or the families of patients who passed away when Penumbra Catheters were used to remove their blood-clots. The people who are suing the company alleging that the catheters have caused vessel damage and cerebral infarction, and haemorrhage amongst the patients who used them.

Penumbra has thus far reported 239 cases in which the use of the Penumbra catheters has resulted in either injury, malfunction, or death (numbering 14).

What Is The Status Of The Lawsuit?

The lawsuit against Penumbra is underway, with lawyers accepting and investigating various cases related to adverse health consequences resulting from the catheters. The litigation process is in its beginning stages.

How To Proceed If You Are An Injured Party

If you suspect that you or a loved one may come under the category of the people who might have been injured, which is everyone who has had procedures with the Penumbra catheter, it is best to check all medical records and speak to your doctor to ensure which catheter was used for the procedures.

If you find out that it was indeed a Penumbra Jet 7 Xtra Flex Catheter that was used, then you can follow the recommendations of the FDA and report your injury or adverse health consequences to MedWatch, which is an FDA Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting program. Ensure that you report the exact type of catheter used, along with its name and model number, along with the date of injury or adverse event.

Should I Contact A Lawyer?

If you have been injured by the use of a Penumbra Jet 7 Xtra Flex Catheter, then it is highly advisable to proceed with the help of a lawyer. A lawyer will guide you on the best way to receive compensation for your injuries.

You must be ready to answer all of the questions your lawyer poses. It is also essential that you gather all the information necessary regarding your medical records and procedures. Surgical notes and the types of treatments and procedures that you have undergone with the catheter in question must also be handed over to your lawyer. If you find that you cannot obtain this information, a lawyer will help you in this process.

If you or someone you know has suffered from the adverse effects of Penumbra, and want to file a Penumbra jet 7 xtra flex catheter lawsuit, contact our expert attorneys to get the desired help and professional recommendations.

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