All You Need To Know About The Onglyza Side Effects Lawsuit

There is an ongoing Onglyza side effects lawsuit. Many people were observed to be suffering from serious heart diseases after taking the prescription drug saxagliptin that is only found in Onglyza and Kombiglyze XR. It could also be potentially fatal, according to a recent study that has also indicated that patients that took this medication, albeit under the observation of their doctor, have an increased risk of heart failure.

Lawyers for Onglyza and Kombiglyze XR  are currently looking for whoever they can find that may have been a victim in this regard to suing the drug manufacturers by filing Onglyza side effects lawsuits across the country. The most common symptoms seen in patients as Onglyza side effects are heart failure, congestive heart failure, and even death.

What Needs To Be Done Now After Onglyza Side Effects are Known? 

If you or your loved one have had previously taken this medication, either Onglyza or Kombiglyze XR  containing Saxagliptin, and have suffered any heart-related illnesses such as congestive heart failure, death of a loved one. You need to contact your lawyer immediately and file an Onglyza side effects lawsuit against the manufactures of these harmful drugs.

What Happened With Onglyza And Kombiglyze XR  Containing Saxagliptin

Prescription medications Kombiglyze XR and Onglyza are made with Saxagliptin in them. Kombiglyze XR  even has metformin hydrochloride. These compounds were found to be harmful to humans, particularly affecting our hearts’ health.

The drugs were routinely given to individuals with type two diabetes to consume their diet and exercise and help control their high blood sugar. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States approved the drugs Onglyza and Kombiglyze XR  for public use in July 2009 and November 2010, respectively.

Initially, the drugs were quite effective in controlling the high blood sugar of type 2 diabetes patients. They are both incretin mimetics meaning they belong to drugs that stimulate the body’s pancreas to produce insulin to help people suffering from the diabetes form called type 2 to regulate their bodies.

Incretin mimetics are a newer variation of medicine for diabetes control and had previously shown a lot of promise. However, another drug Avandia had to be immediately be removed from the market and recalled since it emerged that the drug was linked with the risk of increased cardiac death in the individuals that took it. This had made health experts worried about the possible side effects of the drugs emerging from the Incretin mimetics family of drugs.

A similar potential link between cardiac illnesses and Onglyza is being investigated, and lawyers have been on the lookout for patients who may have taken the drug in recent years and have suffered any heart-related issues since then, including death.

The Chances Of Heart Failure Risk By These Medications

A study that Bristol-Myers Squibb funded and AstraZeneca in England found that people who consumed Saxagliptin, commonly occurring in Kombiglyze XR and Onglyza, have had an increased chance of heart failure illnesses resulting in hospitalizations.

The NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE published the SAVOR study in 2013, where researchers evaluated a total of 16,492 patients who were suffering from the type 2 version of diabetes. The study’s actual goal was to help doctors determine which diabetes medication was the right one for their patients. However, the study found that people who took the prescription drug Onglyza were more likely to be hospitalized for heart failure conditions than those that took other diabetes medications for high blood sugar control of their type 2 diabetes.

Heart failure occurs when the human heart becomes too weak to pump blood throughout the body 24×7 effectively. Coronary artery disease and high blood pressure are two of the conditions that can lead to the heart becoming weak and thereby make the person suffer heart failure.

People suffering from heart failure need to be careful with their environment and their diet as well. They must watch their oil and salt intake, exercise and restrict their diet, and reduce weight for better living conditions.

The FDA had an advisory committee in 2015 that urged the board to order the manufactures to print the warnings related to the use of Onglyza on the bottle label.

Contact A Class-Action Attorney For Onglyza Side Effects Lawsuits

If you or someone you know has been suffering from Ongylza side effects, it makes sense to file a class-action lawsuit. Contact out experienced class-action attorneys to represent your Onglyza side effects lawsuit, and fetch the best possible compensation. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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