Dangerous Drugs: What are the Hottest Class Action Cases?

Some of the biggest class action lawsuits involve dangerous drugs. This is because class action cases involve a large number of plaintiffs. When it comes to dangerous drugs, they typically affect hundreds if not thousands of people. Our class action lawyers keep abreast of the more recent dangerous drug cases. You never know when one of our newer clients will need to join one of the class actions.

We like to offer a word of caution when we provide this type of article. When people hear that a drug, they are taking has been the subject of a class action lawsuit, they panic. Even if they haven’t had any negative side effects from the medication, they automatically assume they can join the class action. That’s not necessarily the case. If you’re taking any of the drugs mentioned here, it’s a good idea to meet with your doctor. They can do a workup to see if you’re demonstrating any of the dangerous conditions described in these lawsuits.

If you think you may be eligible to join a class action lawsuit of any type, call our office. One of our class action lawyers can sit down and discuss your potential case and give you an idea of how best to proceed.

Are Dangerous Drugs Cases Considered Class Action Lawsuits?

As briefly stated above, most dangerous drugs cases end up being treated as a class action lawsuit. That’s because of the sheer number of victims. When the number of plaintiffs in a particular case is large, it makes sense for them to be treated as a class action.

Another reason why so many of these cases end up being a class action is because the plaintiffs reside all over the country. Usually, when our class action lawyers get involved in a new case, they have clients calling from all over. It would be impracticable for separate cases to be filed on behalf of each plaintiff. It makes more sense for the cases to be joined and handled en masse. This is one of the practical justifications for converting a personal injury case to a class action lawsuit.

Current Litigation Involving Dangerous Drugs

It’s hard to watch television today without seeing advertisements about new dangerous drugs. It’s not that the drugs being released today are more dangerous than they were years ago. In fact, the opposite is true. Many of the medications that were prescribed decades ago are no longer on the market. This is because many of these drugs were dangerous and class action lawyers like those at our firm filed suit on behalf of the victims. Once these cases were resolved, the dangerous drugs were no longer allowed to be on the market.

Some of the more popular dangerous drugs cases that are being tried today include the following:

  • Taxotere – This was a drug that was marketed to help women battling breast and ovarian cancer. One concern a lot of women with cancer have is that they’ll lose their hair when they undergo chemotherapy. This drug promised people that they wouldn’t suffer permanent hair loss when they took it. Sadly, the manufacturers of the drug knew that the drug did in fact cause permanent hair loss. Essentially, they lied to the public.
  • Nexium – Most people have heard of Nexium. It’s a very popular antacid used for persistent heartburn. At times, it has been offered both as a prescription medication and over-the-counter treatment. Both forms of the drug have been known to cause gastrointestinal cancer. When the number of patients suffering from this type of cancer increased, a class action was formed, and litigation commenced.
  • Xarelto – This drug was advertised on television for quite some time. It is intended to work as a blood thinner. The problem is that patients who underwent surgery while taking the drug ended up suffering from uncontrollable bleeding during surgery. There is evidence that the manufacturers of the drug knew this was a possible side-effect and never told people.
  • Xeljanz – This drug is not quite as well known as the others discussed here. it is a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis; a very painful form of arthritis that strikes people as young as in their teens. The problem is that this drug has been proven to cause blood clots and pulmonary embolisms. Both of these conditions can prove fatal, regardless of the general health of the patient.

What Kind of Damages Do Class Action Lawyers Seek for Their Clients?


Why Does it Take So Long for Dangerous Drug Cases to Settle?

One thing that frustrates the plaintiffs in these class actions is that it can feel like forever before any progress is made. This is because there are so many plaintiffs involved in the case, it can be hard to keep track. In addition, there are often dozens if not hundreds of class action lawyers involved in the litigation. Communication is key. However, these cases are very complicated, and it can take years for them to settle. Don’t feel frustrated if you’re currently a member of one of these classes and feel like you never hear an update. We make sure we keep our clients abreast of any updates in these cases. We understand how important it is to keep our clients informed.

Reach Out to a Class Action Lawyer Today

If you believe that you may have standing to join one of the above class action lawsuits, give us a call. You can come in and meet with one of our class action lawyers to discuss your case. We do offer potential clients a free, initial consultation. This gives us a chance to review your case and determine if you may have standing. It also gives you a chance to ask any questions you may have.

We like to offer our clients a free consultation because it gives both parties a chance to make an informed decision about how to proceed. If your class action lawyer believes that you have suffered a legitimate injury due to a dangerous drug, they may be willing to handle your case. It all depends on the facts of your case the evidence available to support your claim.