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Regardless of the wonderful care and precision that goes into the design and production of modern medical goods, things don’t always go as intended. Medical professionals and manufacturers of health products have to be extra cautious in the selling and use of the products because if they are not serious harm may result. We’re devoted to ensuring the victims of this negligence are given their just compensation.

In the event that you or somebody in your family has suffered injuries from this device, you may be eligible to file a Chicago Paragard IUD lawsuit against the responsible parties. We have experienced mass tort lawyers in Chicago who understand the complex workings of Paragard IUD class action lawsuits and will help you plan a way to get your rightful compensation for your injuries. We can assist you to navigate the complex legal process of a Paragard IUD lawsuit in Chicago and ensure your case is given the respect it deserves. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

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Paragard IUD Overview

The IUD, under the name Paragard, is a little device that is placed into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. As a contraceptive method, it’s both long term and reversible.

The Paragard IUD is a small flexible piece of plastic that’s coated in aluminum, which a medical practitioner places from the uterus. The Paragard IUD was designed to prevent pregnancy using 90% efficacy for up to ten years.

TEVA Pharmaceuticals Company is the first creator of the copper IUD.

Since this time, the Paragard IUD has been promoted far and wide and recommended by countless medical professionals. This really is the only copper IUD being marketed in the United States and has the distinctive advantage of being hormone-free unlike other choices, such as Mirena.

The device works by releasing small quantities of copper into the uterus over extended periods of time. This prevents the sperm from inseminating the egg and therefore the cycle of pregnancy can’t be initiated. What’s more, it’s believed that the system causes changes in the uterine wall, reducing the odds of implantation.

Hazards of Paragard IUDs

Despite its advantages to many users, there have been a variety of problems using the Paragard IUD.

  • Stomach pain
  • Back pain
  • Severe menstrual pain
  • Cramps
  • Spotting or bleeding between periods

The Paragard IUD has also been found to create inflammatory disorder in the pelvic area. These infections generally attack the uterus or other reproductive organs inside the first 20 days after insertion. Sometimes these reactions can be addressed using antibiotics, but these complications have contributed to infertility, chronic pains, ectopic pregnancy, and in the worst cases, death.

File your Paragard IUD lawsuit with our attorneys.

Women who have used the Paragard IUD have been found at greater risk of suffering these unwanted side effects compared to women who’ve used other types of IUDs. According to the results of one study, 10.2percent of women that used the Paragard IUD experienced the device being partly or completely ejected in the uterus.

In case the device is partially or completely dislodged or ejected in the human body, it can result in complications that might require surgery to set right. This would also undermine its efficacy in its intended purpose.

Some of the other risks associated with the Paragard IUD are:

  • Device fractures during surgery
  • Migration of this apparatus and potential for organ damage
  • Hysterectomy
  • Injury and inflammation for a reaction to aluminum in the body
  • Device getting embedded inside the uterus
  • Perforated uterine wall

One of the other complaints about the device is that it functions as it ought to long until the projected service life is finished. What’s more, the device was known to migrate out of its location and in certain instances has become embedded in the lining of the uterus.

Liability for Injuries

In the event that you or someone you know has been injured due to utilizing a Paragard IUD, then there’s a great likelihood that you’re eligible to make a claim against the manufacturers of those faulty goods. However, it’ll be essential that you find the support of an experienced attorney who knows about Paragard IUD lawsuits.

If a harmful product doesn’t offer appropriate warnings of potential dangers, this is a promotion defect. The legislation which presides over this aspect is complex and varies from state to state.

It is going to also be important that the plaintiff could prove that it was the defect that caused the damages. The defect must have been present when it left the control of the manufacturing department. In the event, the case will be reached on the grounds of”failure to warn,” it might need to be shown that the maker had knowledge or was reasonably expected to know about the flaw before it had been released to the public. If this can be proven, then it also stands to reason they had the responsibility to warn their customers of the risks and neglected to do so.

Have Paragard IUD Lawsuits Been Filed?

A variety of research and current lawsuits have demonstrated that Paragard IUDs, and especially the 380 models, take appreciable health risks. According to a lot of reports, the device was proven to migrate in the place it was installed. It may become lodged in the uterus.

Another danger is that the Paragard ID will crack and the small fragments can be transmitted throughout the body and cause damage to tissues and organs. To retrieve all of the contaminants, the individual will often want a collection of invasive surgeries. A hysterectomy is often required. Paragard IUDs will also be associated with ectopic pregnancies.

Do I Have an Eligible Case for a Paragard IUD Lawsuit?

In case a Paragard IUD hurt you or a family member, you probably want to know if your case is eligible for lawful actions. It’ll be important to see that every one of these cases is exceptional. Furthermore, the legislation that governs these instances is in itself very complex.

It’ll be impossible to provide a simple answer that will cover the numerous private instances of individuals suffering from the damages caused by Paragard IUD devices. The only way to understand what your best course of legal action is will be to get your case analyzed by a top-notch Paragard IUD attorney.

Here are a few of the details your lawyers will have to consider:

  • Complications that occur through the removal of this device
  • Safety recalls made on Using this apparatus
  • Reasons for using this device instead of other contraceptives

As you can see there will be many distinct details that will have to be analyzed before a suitable legal standpoint can be made on your case.

How Can an Attorney Help My Claim?

In the event that you or somebody in your family has suffered any of the aforementioned states associated with the use of a Paragard IUD, a case can be made from the companies responsible for the creation of these potentially harmful products.

Call our law offices and schedule your consultation with an attorney experienced in such cases. Don’t wait, because there’s a time limit for making these claims. If your case is not submitted within the correct time period, you face the risk of forgoing your right to compensation.

Review your Chicago Paragard IUD lawsuit options with our attorneys today.

This might be a serious error. As a victim, you deserve to be paid for drugs, surgical procedures, and other therapies, which may be costly.

What to Do if You Were Injured from a Paragard IUD

Injuries from these devices can have life-changing outcomes. Some women have even lost their capacity to have kids.

People who manufacture medical devices are bound to keep them safe and ensure that there are no harmful side effects from the use of those devices. When a product that has flaws causes any patient damage, this person is eligible to generate a case from the manufacturers.

Here’s exactly what you need to do if you believe you have a case against the manufacturers and medical professionals supporting your Paragard IUD harm.

Get a complete medical evaluation and treatment from your medical specialist and follow their directions as you recover.

Speak with a qualified attorney — our lawyers have the skills and expertise to handle this case since they have handled many others in the past.

Collect paperwork you are going to want to collect every scrap of evidence that shows your experience using a Paragard apparatus. This should include your medical bills, prescriptions for medications, and even journals describing your recovery. All the information you include will be used to make a strong case against the suspect.

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We fully understand the difficulties being faced by people who are suffering from the use of an IUD and the resulting damages and injuries. You can count on us to be compassionate and helpful to you as we understand your situation. After our initial interview, we’ll have a clearer idea about what you can do to start your Paragard IUD litigation in Chicago. We’ll be with you each step along the way and will do all we can to help you receive whole payment.

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