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There is nothing worse than an assault that’s been inflicted on an innocent kid. The guilty party must respond to their crimes. Among the children’s trusted people is typically the person who commits these crimes. Priests, teachers, educators, and even family members may be guilty of doing it. If your son or daughter is the victim of sexual abuse, then you should get in contact with a Houston sexual abuse lawyer instantly.

The scars left by sexual abuse are more than merely physical ones. The victim has to take care of emotional and mental scars, and they can be stuck together for the remainder of their life.

Justice is needed for sexual abuse victims, and our firm has mass tort lawyers that are trained to deal with such situations. We are going to be certain that the perpetrators pay for the crimes they’ve committed, and that you’ll find the essential reparation. In order to get on the road to justice, employ for consultation through our online form or call the law offices of Class Action Coalition Lawyers at 855-938-0980. The privacy of our clients is important to us, and also some other information you gift will be kept between us.

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How is Sexual Abuse Defined?

Legally, sexual abuse is defined as sexual contact that is unwanted. The following things can be regarded as sexual abuse:

  • Sexual touching and fondling
  • Adding explicit images to kids
  • Employing language that is sexually charged around kids
  • Showing kids pornography
  • Photographing children inappropriately and distributing the photographs or using them
  • Inappropriate asks for minors to send their movies or pictures
  • Showing a child one’s private parts
  • Performing oral sex
  • Performing penetration

There’s a gap between sexual abuse and sexual intercourse. While undesirable sexual acts occur with sexual intercourse, there’s much more to it than that. Sexual improvements that are not desired as well as molestation are sexual assaults. The following are also sexual assault:

  • Rape attempts
  • Incest
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Fondling
  • Forced sexual intercourse
  • Child molestation

How Do Sexual Abusers Coerce or Intimidate Victims?

An individual with power or authority is generally the one doing the sexual abuse. The sufferer is taken good advantage of the particular person who is exercising their power and ability. Typical components of sexual abuse may include:

  • Authority – Relatives, educators, and members of the clergy are examples of individuals with jurisdiction. They will use the authority to their benefit to hurt the victim.
  • Age – An older person is your abuser in the majority of sexual abuse cases.
  • Physical Size/Strength – Adult victims of sexual abuse are generally female. They often find it impossible to fight off men who try abuse because they are smaller than those.
  • Coercion – When looking for someone to victimize, a sexual predator will select carefully. A person who will be too afraid to say anything is their prime target.

Irrespective of the situation type, the attorneys are specialists that can take them on. Obtaining justice for your loved ones and you’re their ultimate goal.

What Impact Does Sexual Abuse Have on Victims?

There are a number of ways in which a sexual abuse victim can endure: physical distress is the most obvious, but psychological and emotional suffering also exist. Feeling of fear, depression, and nervousness can come from maintaining the abuse a secret for extended periods of time.

A Houston sexual abuse lawyer reviewing a case for a client.

These mental health issues are commonly seen in young sexual abuse victims:

  • Problems with substance abuse
  • Personality disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse

There are many ways that sexual abuse can present itself, but discovering it can be challenging. A trusted person is usually the one who plays the abuse, so the sufferer might be too afraid to report an event.

The warning signs of sexual abuse are:

  • Behavioral changes in college, home, and with peers
  • Reduction of class participation and a drop in levels
  • Self-esteem Difficulties and melancholy
  • Self-worth is low
  • Attitudes about sex are unhealthy
  • Promiscuous behavior
  • A sexual obsession through different kinds of media

Contact a doctor if your child begins showing these indicators. The doctor is required to report any instances of abuse that they suspect. Listed below are other individuals who will report abuse cases:

  • Health professionals
  • Police officers
  • School educators
  • Other employees at college
  • Social Workers

Though this is a serious duty, there are some who don’t treat it that way. In events where children are not given the protection that they deserve, sexual abuse attorneys will intervene.

Reasons Victims Don’t Report Sexual Abuse

Victims of sexual assault will often endure without reporting what they have experienced. Some of the reasons include:

  • The fear of not being considered
  • The chance of never being taken seriously
  • Being uncomfortable citing the situation
  • Embarrassment
  • Denial about if it occurred
  • Getting fearful of possible retaliation from the one who committed the attack

Justice is what sexual assault survivors deserve. At Class Action Coalition Lawyers, our attorneys have experience with these types of cases and know how to respect the victims. The ones who committed the heinous act contrary to your loved ones will face justice in the hands of these lawyers.

The Statistics Concerning Sexual Assault and Abuse

There are shocking statistics about sexual assault and abuse. The thought of somebody trying to sexually assault a person, especially a child, is unthinkable. However, each day these terrible acts still occur. The next statistics are really eye-opening:

  • According to statistics from the CDC, before boys and girls reach 18, 17% and 25% of them respectively will face sexual abuse.
  • The attacker is understood by 93 percent of victims that are juveniles
  • The ability to create connections is affected for 40% of people who face sexual abuse.
  • Suicidal thoughts and depression are common amongst those who face sexual abuse
  • Every 98 seconds, someone will be sexually assaulted, based on information presented in 2017 by the National Crime Victimization Survey from the DOJ.

Learn How Our Houston Sexual Abuse Lawyers Can Help You

You should speak with an attorney at the offices of Class Action Coalition Lawyers if your child has been sexually abused or attacked. They can answer any questions you may have and look at your case.

Your narrative and information will be kept confidential by our attorneys who know what you are going through. Our sexual abuse law firm in Houston is waiting for your call, and we can supply you with a consultation for free. The abuser or assaulter will pay for what they’ve done.

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