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Within the legal world, talcum powder is most frequently the main topic of a tort case. Many women have used products like baby powder that resulted in them developing prostate cancer. Studies indicate that talcum powder increases the opportunity by around 30 percent of developing cancer compared to other types of powder. This has resulted in victims turning to the assistance of attorneys for help filing Houston talcum powder lawsuits to pursue reimbursement for these accidents.

Among the major reasons is due to increased inflammation the powder caused. It is vital to focus on a solution that is straightforward. However, it’s revealed in contemporary studies that there’s a link between illness and talcum powder. This causes a growing number of clients have begun to result in talcum powder suits.

People who have had to deal with ovarian cancer or have a member of the family who has ovarian cancer should talk to our trustworthy class-action attorneys in Houston. We offer free consultations to examine your claim. Call today to learn how we could help.

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What’s Caused The Talcum Powder Issues?

In recent years talcum powder has finished up in the public eye as being a dangerous solution. With baby powder, it has a fantastic deal to do with all the recipes that are used and how it is formulated. Newer recipes are less secure for the human body and also have been noted in particular in Johnson’s Baby Powder. A lot of people believe the brand was aware of those problems and did not warn anyone about them.

One of the more important issues that people have noticed deals with cancerous cells being developed inside the human body which results in prostate cancer. Many plaintiffs think it’s a significant concern and is correlated directly with using talcum powder. Whenever girls start to use it for purposes that are sterile, they began to experience irritation from the private areas of their own bodies.

That’s what results in cancer development. By themselves, they do not damage the body. However, when they’re combined along with asbestos, which can be contained in talc, which results in a dangerous mix and harmful to a person’s private location.

When Did These Lawsuits Start To Be Filed?

With a growing number of cases starting to appear, a lawsuit started to develop on its own against the maker of talcum powder. The lawsuits were against the company Johnson and Johnson.

The jury in the past year found Johnson and Johnson to be guilty and the company was forced to pay 4.7 billion to as many as 22 plaintiffs. The main reason Johnson & Johnson was found guilty was that the business was found to not have paid attention to that which was contained in its formulation and did not inform the general public about it.

Based on research studies on prostate cancer and talc, it was clear the company was aware of exactly what was occurring. That means they hid the research purposely and attempted to hide it. This will result in more suits as an increasing number of people started to learn about the way the product works and its effects.

Contact our attorneys to file a Houston talcum powder lawsuit.

Presently, there have been more than 1,000 talcum powder lawsuits that were filed against Johnson & Johnson based on the inability of the company to warn individuals about their formulation.

The company did not need to deal with the results of the decision is created, at least for a while. But that changed when a guilty verdict was handed down by the prosecution and told the company it needed to pay compensation of $4.7 billion. That also resulted in people becoming apprehensive regarding the stock value of this company but didn’t make a dent in the business’s bottom line.

What Types of Damages Can You Claim in a Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

Several types of damages may be awarded to plaintiffs in a talcum powder lawsuit.

Medical Bills

You can recover compensation for expenses that relate to ovarian cancer treatment and all relevant bills that are associated with the condition.

Lost Wages

If an individual misses time off from work or is becoming disabled as a consequence of cancer, then they’ll be eligible to receive payment for their damages.

Pain and Suffering

Whenever a settlement is achieved, it takes into account the individual’s pain and suffering on account of their ovarian cancer. It’s a really troublesome condition and can turn your life completely upside down. It has elongated treatments and unwanted symptoms associated with it which are tough to control.

That’s why hiring an experienced mass tort attorney is the best option.

Let Us Help With Your Houston Talcum Powder Lawsuit

For those who suffer from ovarian cancer because of using talcum powder, it is time for them to speak to a seasoned mass tort law firm immediately. That will help to make certain that the lawsuit is filed properly.

Note that you will need to have been diagnosed officially with ovarian cancer in order to be eligible to file a lawsuit. It isn’t sufficient to have just used talcum powder without experiencing any side effects to ask for damages.

Please call the offices of Class Action Coalition Lawyers in Houston to schedule your FREE consultation and talk to a trusted attorney. The lawyer will take some opportunity to assess the particulars of your case, understand how your life was impacted by talcum powder, and discuss your legal options. We can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

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