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Zantac is a medicine that can be bought over the counter or prescribed by a medical professional. Sadly, this medication has been linked to a higher risk of cancer. Those who’ve been injured and traumatized from using this frequent heartburn medication have turned to a Houston Zantac lawsuit lawyer who has expertise in finding reimbursement for these plaintiffs.

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The Problems with Zantac

Recently, a study was performed by the FDA on over 100 Zantac pills and the outcomes were terrifying. It turns out that these pills comprised understood carcinogenic ingredients. The quantities of these carcinogens were particularly appalling and exceeded the FDA’s recommended daily intake by 2000X. The carcinogenic chemical contained in Zantac is known as nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA as it is better known.

Studies have proven that this compound is especially dangerous and links have been established between the consumption of NDMA as discovered in Zantac and various kinds of cancer. We’re completely conscious of the carcinogenic content and neglected to warn their clients of the risks.

Since the drug was a powerful relief for those discomforts of sour stomach, heartburn, Barrett’s esophagus, duodenal ulcers, and gastrointestinal disorders it was widely distributed and used. Millions of people took large amounts of Zantac without an understanding of damaging cancer-causing parts of the drug.

An attorney filing a Zantac lawsuit for a client in Houston.

The popularity of the drug made a considerable heap of money for the producers of Zantac. As a matter of fact, Zantac was the primary medication of its kind to achieve such a gain.

On the other hand, using Zantac by those who trusted the pharmaceutical business to protect their health led to a lot of injuries. People who have been injured and had their health affected by Zantac are now suing these deceptive companies for the damage their products have caused. It is necessary for the potential of these injured with these drugs and the future of our wholesome society that these major corporations are brought to terms with all the consequences of the devious actions and made to give restitution for the injury they’ve caused.

What Is Zantac Used For?

The generic version of Zantac is known as ranitidine and this medication works to impact the metabolic processes of the digestive system. It decreases the amount of stomach acid and is extremely effective in treating several digestive conditions.

Some of the most conditions most commonly addressed by Zantac include:

  • Zollinger-Ellison syndrome
  • Peptic ulcers
  • Intestinal ulcers
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Stomach ulcers.

In smaller doses, Zantac is also accessible in an OTC form used most frequently to treat frequent heartburn. But, because it was introduced into the medical field years back tens of thousands of doctors have prescribed this medication for easing digestive troubles.

Zantac first appeared in the industry back in 1981 and has since climbed into the record of most commonly prescribed list of drugs in the United States.

What Warnings Have Been Issued By The FDA Regarding Zantac?

The FDA first introduced its warning about the damaging potential of Zantac in 2019. The warning stated that the FDA had detected carcinogenic agents at the medication.

The degree of NDMA the FDA has considered”secure” regardless of their carcinogenic ability is 100 nanograms. However, studies have found that Zantac has the capability to contain up to 3,000,000 nanograms in a single tablet.

Zantac that is sold over the counter normally comes in a 150mg tablet. Prescription-strength Zantac is much higher and can arrive in the 300mg pill. A prescription time-period can run anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks with a pill taken each night before sleep.

The lawsuit filed against the manufacturers of Zantac, Sanofi, and Bohringer Ingelheim, showed that these firms were fully aware of the NDMA content of the tablets as well as the dangers this chemical introduced to their customers. Still, they did nothing to alert the people or the proper authorities to the issue.

Can There Be A Clear Link Between Cancer And Zantac?

The carcinogenic compound found in Zantac impacts the organs of their human body in a bad manner. The most influenced by NDMA is the liver, which functions as the vital purification manhood for the blood. A Few of the effects of extended time exposure to NDMA can comprise:

  • Liver scarring (cirrhosis)
  • Cancer of the stomach or bladder
  • Kidney, lung, or liver tumors

There are several regulatory organizations in the office looking for the real causes of the impurities located in ranitidine (Zantac). Once they have found more information they may better understand how ranitidine sets its customers in danger.

At the moment the date that this investigation will be finished isn’t known. Following the analysis is done, the government and regulatory committees will get a clearer idea about what to do according to the evidence that’s found.

As yet, none of the pharmaceutical companies that created Zantac have been advised to recall Zantac by the FDA. There also have been no notices that retailers should take Zantac off their shelves.

This is because the present data shows that even the considerable quantities of NDMA found in Zantac are still high enough to create a cancer illness in humans. Nevertheless, NDMA remains a known carcinogen and there is reason to think that people can contract cancer if they are exposed to the compound for protracted periods of time.

Hence, the experts suggest avoiding Zantac use for any extended period of time. The FDA recommends that patients talk about other alternative drugs for treating their own symptoms. There are numerous other medicines available on the market that offer the same advantages as Zantac and don’t contain NDMA.

How Is A Zantac Lawsuit Filed?

Over time, more and more people have discovered themselves harmed by using Zantac and the NDMA I contain. These folks have banded together to seek compensation and Zantac Lawsuits have become a class action with many of the nation’s top lawyers looking for reimbursement from Zantac Manufacturers. Anyone who has contracted cancer after taking Zantac can qualify for compensation, especially if the cancer is related to the stomach or bladder.

Claims made against Zantac Businesses often incorporate the subsequent damages:

  • A loss of income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical costs for remedies to address conditions caused by taking Zantac
  • The reduction of earning ability later on
  • Punitive damages
  • A loss of quality of life

Class action lawsuits are good at ensuring different people who have suffered due to prolonged use of Zantac to seek compensation for their losses. Those who fall into the class can seek compensation for the costs of medication and treatment for addressing their conditions brought on by NDMA. They might also request coverage for the wages lost because of time spent away from your work.

Another very important reason for class actions suits is that they set a significant precedent for pharmaceutical firms. This leaves them accountable to their customers and requires that they list the dangers involved with a medication clearly on the bottle. Sometimes laws will be enacted which will continue to keep the public safe from these kinds of situations in the future.

File your Houston Zantac lawsuit with our attorneys today.

A lawsuit can be filed from a pharmaceutical company in the exact same way that any other personal injury situation is. It’s important that you familiarize yourself with this procedure if you’ll be considering filing such a case.

The first thing you’ll have to do is consult with a legal aid knowledgeable about personal injury and what’s more, cases related to pharmaceuticals and defective medications.

This is the very same, for people who have been killed by the prolonged use of damaging medication. The family of the deceased must contact a skilled attorney experienced in wrongful death lawsuits. Because they understand how these cases operate, their advice and guidance can keep you from creating and small mistakes from the highly complex process which can lead you to harm your odds for full compensation. They are also able to assist you to present the case in the most effective way possible, whether in negotiations or on the floor of a courtroom.

Your mass tort lawyer will be able to go over all aspects of the case and provide you important advice on how to build a strong case against individuals who are to blame for your damages. You’ll need this information to do your role, which is to accumulate all the evidence needed to make your claim bulletproof. This proof is also crucial to assigning a value to the damages and reimbursement that will rightfully cover your losses.

Gather an Unbeatable Case With a Houston Zantac Lawsuit Lawyer

If you or somebody you care about has been affected by the prolonged use of Zantac and the carcinogenic compound NDMA it comprises, you’ll need help. The damages that you are experiencing could be more serious than you could imagine and also have long-reaching consequences.

Our experts will meet with you for free and take some time to check over the specifics of your situation to find out whether you’ve got a right to compensation.

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