Houston Hip Replacement Lawsuit

It’s quite common for lawyers to market their cases using mediums like the Internet and TV. They’ll discuss winning lawsuits for thousands or millions of bucks. Mass tort attorneys that do this often suggest that you might also get exactly the same. However, that might not be applicable to your own situation. Whether you’re eligible for reimbursement is dependent upon a lot of variables and each circumstance is different when addressing a potential Houston hip replacement lawsuit.

If you want to file a case such as this, you must first be injured. If you aren’t hurt, you have nothing to file. Using a product doesn’t induce anyone to compensation. You must be hurt to obtain any type of settlement, and your injuries must be proven by a physician.

In the last decade, numerous hip replacement cases have been registered in good numbers. Different kinds of medical devices that are used for hip replacement surgeries have been shown to be quite defective. This can lead to pain that people experience and they may also develop associated medical problems.

If your hip replacement apparatus was faulty, you might have a claim for damages that were done. Call one of our reputable class-action attorneys about your prospective hip replacement case today to be given a risk-free consultation.

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Problems With Hip Replacements

There are many people that have hip replacement every year. People who are older often have these surgeries. It’s a routine operation, and the ones that do this can use similar types of equipment and substances.

There are so many companies that produce replacement hips used as implants. Dozens of major lawsuits have been filed during the previous year. These medical instruments made by the firms are the subject of most of these litigations.

One time a hip is replaced, it’s successful if it’s fastened properly. Plastic and metal on metal attachments tend to work, together with the latter being the ideal option.

They usually do not last as long as advertised and they can also cause problems for every individual. If it fails, the only means to remedy the issue is to get it replaced rather than just repaired. The old implant is eliminated and a new one is put in. This process may sound easy but it’s a really invasive and painful procedure.

There is zero doubt that many of these goods are faulty. What is sometimes different is the type of injuries that can be caused.

Ongoing Hip Replacement Lawsuits

There are lots of cases around the country where litigation is pending. Here are some of the largest ones:


This firm created what is called the M2a Magnet hip implant. It was FDA approved, up until the time that it was found to be defective. It was stated to last 15 years. After only a couple of years, problems were experienced by the ones that have those installed. This business made promises, and now they’re coping with many suits. After paying out millions of dollars because 2012, it’s a business that’s suffering due to a poorly crafted implant.

File your Houston hip replacement lawsuit with our attorneys today.

This business has taken all of their products off of the market, but they should’ve done this long ago. There is currently multi-jurisdictional lawsuit in New Jersey pending.

Smith and Nephew

One of the best implants of time was made by this enterprise. 5% or more of the patients have had to replace it over a couple years. Some of the lawsuits have been settled, yet there are many other people that are still pending.

Johnson & Johnson

So far as hip replacement suits are involved, Johnson & Johnson will stand to lose the most cash. They’ve sold more hip replacement goods than any other business enterprise. Considering 2013, they’ve spent 2 billion or more on replacement cases. At this time, there are many other suits being filed from this enterprise.

It is clear that these businesses are spending tens of thousands of dollars to settle suits. What most people don’t understand is they are paying millions of dollars in legal fees too. Mass tort attorneys welcome those challenges and are not intimidated with these businesses. Waging war against those firms is what they do best.

How Long Do I Have To File A Houston Hip Replacement Lawsuit?

There is a limited quantity of time people have to file a hip replacement lawsuit. However, it often depends on many aspects. What they often consider is the type of injuries you have sustained.

In these cases, after a couple of years, individuals realize something isn’t right. They may determine that something’s broken due to the pain and discomfort they are experiencing. Doctors will need to ascertain this using certain forms of tests. If it does have to be replaced, another surgery must be administered to fix the faulty hip.

You have a total of two years, from the specific date where you determined that you were injured, in Texas. You have to contact a lawyer immediately. As soon as you’ve scheduled your consultation with a Houston mass tort law company, they can begin to work with you as soon as you understand you have been injured because of the surgery.

The consultation fees are free and you’ll pay nothing whatsoever till you win your case!

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