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After many deaths and thousands of injuries, some action is finally being taken against Bayer. Before obtaining it, Conceptus was the firm that originally manufactured and distributed Essure. Essure is a kind of birth control enhancer which causes the scarring of tissues in the fallopian tubes. Houston Essure lawsuit attorneys are well aware that the make-up and implant process of the apparatus equally have had detrimental impacts on girls around the world.

Regrettably, this system comes with significant risks, and Bayer failed to suitably notify its customers and the medical fraternity. When working with legal counsel in a faulty medical device or drug case, you know the many different aspects of the device design and implant process, which may be important in litigation. If you have previously employed Essure and consequently suffered injuries, you should reach out to our Houston mass tort attorneys to learn how we can help.

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Essure Statistics

From the time it had been introduced into the marketplace in 2002, approval of these apparatus depended on the possibility of useful studies in the future. While such studies did not detract, this device’s widespread use has presented various findings that would have been apparent through the research.

In spite of this trend, the company did not inform the FDA, the medical fraternity, or its own clients. As such, the failure to educate the general public regarding the ramifications of the system forms a significant part of Essure suits.

Bayer, the present manufacturer of Essure, maintains that the device is 99.84% effective at preventing pregnancy. However, Contraception, an authoritative journal in the area, affirms that these claims are too exaggerated. Any factors surrounding the implant procedure for the device could mean an unplanned pregnancy. An unfinished implant process implies incomplete congestion and unexpected pregnancy.

Conceptus is in no place to table clear statistics, as the individuals surveyed only comprise those between 22 and 44 years. What is more, the company didn’t follow up on these surveys after five years.

Are There Lawsuits Pending Against Essure?

The complainants are women who suffered damage to the stomach after having the arrival control devices implanted. The harm resulted from the breaking or fracturing of this apparatus and the movement of the fragments through the reproductive system.

Lawyers argue that if the patients and doctors involved were aware of the potential dangers, they’d opt for other forms of birth control.

What Are a Few Hazards Associated with Essure?

The FDA has come up with the various risks introduced by the use of Essure for birth control. A number of the short-term dangers include backache, pain, vaginal bleeding, and cramping.

Its long term risks are, but far more serious. These include:

  • Unplanned pregnancies
  • Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy from the uterus)
  • Position change by the apparatus
  • Obesity
  • Allergic Reaction to the device
  • Fatigue
  • Symptoms of autoimmune disease
  • Joint pain

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Following the fracturing and movement of the Essure implant, the odds of having the individual undergo numerous surgeries are high. Apart from the method to eliminate the apparatus being invasive, it might additionally require a hysterectomy. Most women preferred using Essure to prevent uterus elimination.

Considering that FDA has received over 26,000 official complaints against Essure from 2002 to date, they’ve had to take action. The majority of these complaints came from girls who voluntarily came out from the effects of Essure, a device they thought was safe to use.

Other issues connected to the usage of Essure include heavier and irregular menstrual flows, weight modification, headaches, device breakage, pain, and change of the device’s position.

Essure Warnings & Recalls

The FDA took its first action against Essure in September of 2015 at a meeting with Obstetrics and Gynecology Devices Panel, a Medical Devices Advisory Committee participant. Scientific and clinical remarks were discussed, and so were patient encounters. After the meeting, the FDA obliged Bayer to survey its market, where they were required to perform a research on the risks and benefits of Essure.

In November 2016, the FDA went further to oblige Bayer to place a black box all Essure packages with a transparent warning about abdominal pain, perforation, and other risks.

In April 2018, the FDA limited Essure earnings to medical professionals who would agree to educate the public on the device’s risks.

What Can I Be Compensated For In A Lawsuit Against Essure?

If the apparatus has led to accidents, it’s likely to receive compensation if you open litigation in Houston, TX. When opening a lawsuit against Bayer, you may seek damages for:

  • Medical bills (future and past )
  • Pain and suffering as a result of utilizing the faulty device
  • Lost wages in the Event You can no longer work because of treatment or operation

How Much Can I Get From An Essure Settlement?

Nowadays, there are no massive group settlements from Conceptus or Bayer. This kind of litigation might take quite a while for fix, and it might require working with teams of attorneys on million-dollar checks to address the mystery of those instances. What’s more, these lawyers would have to prove that the situations could have been avoided.

Receive a Free Consultation For Your Houston Essure Lawsuit

In case you have experienced any problems after the Essure implantation, then you should seek top-quality legal representation. A Houston Essure litigation lawyer is useful in the planning of your situation from the start. By working with medical professionals and attorneys experienced in personal injury and defective goods, you can construct a watertight case against Bayer.

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