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When Inferior Vena Cava filters arrived on the scene, they have been hailed as a radical invention that could save many lives. Better known as IVC filters, all these contraptions were designed to sit inside the Vena Cava and protect the body and heart from blood clots and embolisms that sometimes happen in the aftermath of a surgical process. Despite being designed to improve life, the innovation did not always perform as expected. A Houston IVC filter lawsuit lawyer is here to help you maintain the manufacturers of those devices accountable.

People who have suffered harm, pain, and suffering from IVC Filters have filed lawsuits against the production businesses and healthcare professionals responsible for applying such dangerous devices to the body. Schedule your free consultation today to learn how our mass tort lawyers can help.

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What Are IVC Filters?

The IVC filter is a tiny object that delivers a universe of potential health benefits but is still a potentially fatal object. It is designed to sit in the Inferior Vena Cava, the large vein where deoxygenated blood enters the center. The small metallic IVC filter will maintain the clots set up until they finally dissolve and may cause no injury.

This device was created for great gain by the Bard Company. Bard created two distinct varieties of this IVC Filter, the Recovery and G2 models, each of which was discovered defective and dangerous. Many patients started to present symptoms of pain and suffering shortly after one of these devices were installed.

When used properly, these devices should be removed once they’ve served their purpose, but sadly, many doctors have left them into the body long after their support was fulfilled. And that has caused severe problems.

What Adverse IVC Filter Side Effects Are Injuring Patients?

Only 10 years following these products had been introduced into the health sector many people start to complain about their improper function.

Some of the complaints that were made included:

  • The IVC filter broke apart and the tiny pieces migrated to other areas of the body.
  • The IVC filter itself became dislodged from its position and moved to another place within the body leading to problems.
  • The IVC filter caused damages and injuries within the body.

The FDA was quick to respond to those complaints. A note was sent out to the medical professionals most likely to use this device warning of its potential for injury. The company was also notified and invited to communicate those risks to all customers. Sadly they never got around to doing this.

Review your options to file a Houston IVC filter lawsuit with our attorneys.

Some of those complications IVC filters have been known to cause include:

Those patients that complained of these ailments received no resolution for their conditions from the healthcare professionals or the producers of those dangerous implants. With no alternatives, they took the case to mass tort attorneys. Because of the immense quantity of evidence that these implants were faulty, IVC Filter cases soon became class action litigation and were managed by the most experienced and competent lawyers from around the country.

They had received the implant through a surgical procedure and it had started to malfunction. Then they required another surgical procedure to start the heart and retrieve the faulty device. The overwhelming quantity of evidence allowed this situation to be settled in a mere 10 days.

In addition to surgery to reverse the harm caused by these dangerous implants, other problems they can cause include:

  • Hemorrhaging
  • Intense pain
  • Pulmonary embolism
  • Heart failure
  • Blood clots
  • Death

If you have been damaged through the use of IVC filters or have a loved one who has, you need legal help to compensate damages and make sure that these things do not occur in the long run.

What Damages Can Houston Mass Tort Lawyers Demand?

The details of the situation will provide the particular amounts of damages that may be recovered in an IVC Filter litigation. Here are some of the damages often contained in such a lawsuit:

Suffering and pain are a few of the most important damages which can be sought within an IVC Filter case. These damages are often higher than the remainder of the jury awarded damages united. Jurors and judges are extremely sympathetic to people who have suffered in the use of faulty medical items like IVC filters.

Imagine being the one who visits a hospital for some minor and comparatively secure surgical process along with being implanted with such a harmful apparatus. Your pain and suffering are then going to be greatly enhanced as you’ll need to confront another extremely risky surgical process that will reduce your open and remove the filter before more damage is caused. This represents a serious error in the treatment you received.

When confronting damages and the harms caused by IVC filters, the health can be severely affected and this can make keeping up with your standard workload almost hopeless. Your attorney will have the ability to incorporate these damages into your own lawsuit.

An IVC filter may cause some serious health issues that will require intense medical attention to address. The operation, remedies, and procedures required to restore your health are particularly complex and will require significant cash resources to tackle fully. The fantastic thing is that all these costs can be covered in your Houston, TX, IVC lawsuit.

Contact a Houston IVC Filter Lawsuit Lawyer

The first step will be to get in touch with a legal specialist in mass tort suits.

Our mass tort lawyers in Houston are here to give a seasoned perspective to your situation and represent your own interests. Call us today to arrange an appointment when we’ll look over the particulars of your case and provide you some advice on what’s going to happen next.

Never forget, the medical professionals and corporations accountable for these damages have a team of attorneys at the ready to protect their interests and fight your lawsuit. You’ll need a specialist on your side if you’re to receive the full compensation you want.

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