Los Angeles Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Lawyers promote for mass tort cases on tv all the time. They show customers who state they won tens of thousands or millions in their own lawsuit. The lawyers imply they can get exactly the same kind of money. You may or might not be entitled to compensation. It is dependent on your situation and hip replacement cases are notoriously difficult to handle.

Mass tort lawyers handle all kinds of cases. Most mass tort cases treat medical problems, drugs, and pollution. We call it mass tort because these situations often involve lots of plaintiffs. You won’t see a mass tort situation with only a couple of plaintiffs.

So as to file a mass tort case, you need to have been injured. Simply because you used a product, does not make you entitled to compensation. You’ve got to get hurt and you need to demonstrate that the injuries were caused by the suspect.

Throughout the past ten years or so, there have been a great number of Los Angeles hip replacement lawsuits filed. This causes pain and other health problems for many patients.

In case you had a hip replacement and learned that your apparatus was faulty, you might have a claim for damages. Call and talk with one of our reputable Class-Action Attorneys to discuss your case.

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Who Can File a Lawsuit For a Hip Replacement?

Thousands of people have their hip replaced every year. The older we get, the more we need surgeries in this way. As this is a regular type of operation, most surgeons use comparable gear and materials.

Many businesses create hip replacement implants. They’ve been the subject of dozens of major lawsuits over the last decade. These scenarios focus on medical devices and, so unfortunately for these companies, they’ll be subject to a lot of litigation.

When folks get their hip replaced, their surgeon needs to secure the new hip somehow. The companies that create these implants assert they’re durable and last longer than other implants.

The problem is that not only do they not last long, but they are also causing major problems for hip replacement patients. When the implant fails, these patients need to acquire surgery simply to fix it. This usually means that the old implant has to be removed and a new one needs to be set up. This is a very painful and invasive process.

There are Still Hip Replacement Cases Pending

There’s not any doubt that hip replacement implants are all faulty. The issue is what sort of harm patients endure as a result of those defects.

There are many trendy replacement Cases pending all over the nation. Here are a few of the major ones:

This business makes an implant called M2a Magnet hip implant. The business promised that its device would continue about fifteen decades. But many patients found their device failing within a year or two of surgery. Because Biomet made promises to so many people, they’re currently the subject of several lawsuits. They’ve had to pay out millions in settlement money since 2012.

Contact our firm to review your Los Angeles hip replacement lawsuit today.

Though this company has taken their implants off the market, it was somewhat too late. There’s multi-jurisdictional litigation currently pending in New Jersey.

Smith and Nephew

This company’s devices appeared to be the most faulty of all. More than 5 percent of patients who received their implants needed to get surgery in a few decades to replace them. Most of these suits have settled, but there are still instances pending.

Of all of the defendants named in hip replacement lawsuits, Johnson and Johnson will probably take the biggest hit. This is only because they sold more stylish implants than other companies. As of 2013, the company had spent over $2 billion to settle hip-replacement instances. And, there are still instances being registered against them.

Companies spend millions of dollars settling trendy replacement lawsuits. In addition, they have to pay millions more in legal fees to defend those cases. Mass tort lawyers aren’t intimidated by these companies. They anticipate waging war in order to get their clients the compensation they deserve.

How Long Do You Have To File a Los Angeles Hip Replacement Lawsuit?

A lot of individuals wonder just how long they have to file a stylish replacement lawsuit. The answer is — it depends. However, it actually comes down to when you discovered your own injuries.

In hip replacement instances, it is usually a few years until you realize something is wrong with your own implant. You’ll begin to feel pain and discomfort before you realize the implant is broken. Your physician will have to perform evaluations to ascertain this. Usually, he’ll need to perform a second operation to repair your faulty hip.

The statute of limitations in This Kind of litigation is pretty clear:

  • You have two years from the date you find out you are injured
  • If it takes longer than two years to detect your injury, you will have one year from the date of discovery

So, basically, you’ve got one year from the date that you discover your hip implant is defective. Don’t wait to get hold of an attorney. Call and schedule your initial consultation with a mass tort attorney as soon as you realize you are hurt.

Your initial consultation is free and you pay nothing until you win your case!

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