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Our law firm is dedicated to fighting for the rights of people who have been hurt or have suffered from using medical devices. We will work hard to make sure that individuals people who have manufactured and employed devices that endanger the people are held accountable for their negligence. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced in Los Angeles Paragard IUD lawsuits and managing negotiations with the authorized representatives of medical and pharmaceutical businesses.

If you have suffered damages because of the use of Paragard or have a family member with, your family is eligible for reimbursement that must be attained through a settlement or lawsuit procedure.

We’ll arrange a FREE consultation in which we’ll assess your case and explain to you what the settlement process will look like and ways to begin. Outside mass tort lawyers are experienced and will help you accomplish the resolution you need to get your life back on course.

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Paragard IUD Overview

This is a long-term, yet reversible kind of contraceptive.

In 2007, Teva Pharmaceuticals was acquired by Cooper Industries for $1.1 billion.

The Paragard apparatus was approved by the FDA in 1984 and was promoted soon thereafter. At this time, Paragard IUDs were recommended for widespread use. Now, this is the only copper IUD available for use from the U.S. and, contrary to other IUDs such as Mirena, is hormone-free.

This device operates by releasing small quantities of copper to the uterus over long intervals. It’s believed that this helps to prevent sperm from inseminating the egg and thereby preventing pregnancy. Additional the Paragard IUD may cause fluctuations in the uterine wall and this also reduces the risks of implantation.

Dangers That Are Associated with Paragard

Unfortunately, there has been a set of problems with this apparently perfect solution. There have been some negative side effects associated with the recurrence of Paragard IUDs. Some of these can include:

  • Severe menstrual pain
  • Cramps
  • Back pain
  • Stomach pain

The device has also been known to cause inflammatory diseases in the pelvis. Antibiotics are most often prescribed to deal with this condition.

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Women who’ve used the aluminum Paragard IUD are discovered at a greater risk of experiencing unwanted side effects in comparison to those who use other kinds of IUDs.

Full or partial expulsion of the IUD will require surgery to completely remove the apparatus, which would make it useless in its intended purpose.

Some of the other risks associated with the removal of the Paragard IUD are:

  • Hysterectomy
  • Injury and inflammation as a reaction to aluminum in the body
  • Device fractures during surgery
  • Migration of the apparatus and potential for organ damage
  • Perforated uterine wall
  • Device becoming embedded in the uterus

Since 2010, over 1,600 reports of dividing apparatus have been filed with the FDA. Other defects with the Paragard IUD contain failure to operate before the projected service lifespan, migration of the device or pieces of the apparatus, apparatus becoming embedded in the uterus lining, as well as cases where the device goes missing completely.

Many women have suffered from such complications and have needed corrective surgery to undo the harm.

Liability for Injuries

It is an unfortunate fact that not all medical inventions are considered safe. In case you are hurt or suffered by the usage of a Paragard device or have a family member who was injured in this way, you might qualify for suing the producers in a product liability suit. But you will require the aid of an experienced Paragard lawyer.

Defects from the Paragard IUD can be actionable if they involve design, production, or marketing. Failure to warn customers is regarded as a marketing defect. The legislation governing what is considered appropriate for pursuing a product liability suit varies from state to state.

It will be necessary for the plaintiff to prove that it was a defect that caused the device to be considered unsafe. What’s more, the defect must have been present as it left the manufacturer’s control. If there was an understanding of the threat of this device within the industry that produced it, then the plaintiff must then prove that the manufacturer failed to warn consumers of the threat.

Are There Any Paragard IUD Lawsuits Filed?

Studies and lots of recent lawsuits show that Paragard, and specifically 380 models, have been known to cause harm and wellness conditions. The Paragard IUD has been known to migrate out of its place and be embedded and lodged in a variety of parts of the human body, most notably the uterus.

Another potential threat posed by the Paragard IUD is the fact that it may fracture or break and send bits into other cells and organs of the human body. This can make it particularly hard to recover all of the items and can lead to the need for a series of invasive surgeries, including a hysterectomy. Additionally, it has been found that Paragard is related to ectopic pregnancies.

In the aftermath of this kind of accident, you may be wondering if you’ve got an eligible case contrary to the entities responsible for your damages. It’s important to be aware that most situations are exceptional and the laws governing these situations are complex. It is impossible to extend a one-size-fits-all answer and it’ll be necessary to inspect the details of your situation to find out whether you’ve got a valid instance.

Here are a few of the details we will need to consider:

  • Warnings issued about the dangers of using the apparatus
  • Safety recalls or alarms made on Using the device
  • The need for hospitalization or surgical procedures to remove the apparatus
  • Complications that may have arisen through the removal of the device
  • Reasons for using this apparatus rather than other contraceptives

Since you can see it can be hard to determine whether you have a qualified case without speaking to a lawyer experienced in handling Paragard suits. Because of this, you should schedule your appointment with our attorneys to find out more about your specific situation.

Why Talk to an Attorney about a Paragard IUD Lawsuit?

If you or somebody in your household was using a Paragard IUD and experienced some of the complications mentioned here, you might have grounds to file a case against the producers of these potentially harmful devices.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that there’s a time limit in which to document your claim. If your case isn’t filed on time you will run the danger of losing the right to pursue your case and forgo any due compensation.

An attorney reviewing a Paragard IUD injury claim.

This could be a harmful mistake. The compensation you deserve is there to cover your medical care and travel expenses in addition to lost wages, surgical procedures, pain, suffering, medical therapies, and medication.

What Should Someone Do If They Were Injured by the Paragard IUD?

The very first thing to do is going to be to speak with an attorney experienced in Paragard lawsuits. Injuries regarding the usage of faulty Paragard IUDs can lead to devastating and lifelong damages. Injuries caused by a Paragard IUD may even lead to girls losing their capacity to have kids.

Producers of medical devices are bound to produce items that are safe to use and free of unwanted side effects. If a product has defects in the plan and causes any sort of injury patients who were granted these medical devices have a complete right to compensation.

Anybody who has been harmed through using a Paragard IUD must begin the process of getting their compensation by seeking an experienced lawyer. Here are the steps you should follow if you or someone in your household has used a Paragard IUD and suffered injuries as a consequence:

See a Doctor

Get medical care from an experienced physician and start focusing on subsequent treatment and recovery instructions.

Talk to a lawyer

Our attorneys possess several years of experience in managing these cases and can help you in the event that you have been injured because of faulty medical devices.

Gather your paperwork

You are going to want to keep a careful record of all of the details associated with your use of the device and your treatment for injuries caused by it. Including medical bills, prescriptions, medical appointments, and even a journal in which you describe your recovery procedure. Your lawyer will have the ability to use this to create a solid case against the negligent parties.

Schedule a Free Consultation For Your Los Angeles Paragard IUD Lawsuit

Our lawyers fully understand how hard it can be to face the serious injuries and life-changing complications brought on by these potentially dangerous devices. Count about the compassionate professionals to carefully review the particulars of your situation and provide you our legal perspective on what to do next.

Even though this device has worked fine for some people, there are still many who have endured unspeakable complications out of faulty devices. In case you’re injured because of the usage of a Paragard IUD, call us now for a free appointment. We guarantee to throw the full heft of our lawful knowledge in getting you the compensation you want to face the uncertain future.

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